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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Editorial - Hands Up, Pants Down!

theodore miraldi 

When you disrespect others whether they are cops on the beat, your neighbors, store owners, or people of other races, the logical thing to do is to burn down your home, and threaten the safety of all. But let's not stop there, before you burn it down steal as much loot as possible. This is the way a segment of the black community deals with life and death. Put yourself in the cross hairs of a 9mm because you have no social skills, no job and no foreseeable future, that's on you.

There are legitimate solutions to these problems, but if we can' be honest about the issues using long standing and historic data to illuminate the discourse, what will it take. We can all agree that the black community has suffered the worst under this administration, education in urban areas that are predominately people of color ranks at the very bottom in academic achievement. 

More and more school districts are spending money on metal detractors and security for a student population that is committing adult crimes against minors. Teachers are being beaten down in classrooms and kids are bringing a variety of weapons into classrooms. So where is the outrage from the likes of Sharpton, Holder and Obama? 

This criminal behavior has become the norm in far too many communities and schools that have minority populations. Even the simplest among us know that bad behaviors start at an early age, and if not corrected through good parenting bad kids become bad adults.

The thug mentality now stretches across many age ranges from Elementary through High School. Kids are gaining control of the classroms by threatening teachers and children with violence.

The nation is going backwards socially, a once sophisticated population has turned toward behavior that one finds in underdeveloped nations. Poor nations that abuse the population and use deadly force to get its way. It's primitive and anti-social.

So where do we stand when a community of people would rather threaten to get what it wants, then be part of a solution. We get places like Ferguson where no-one wins, no real progress is made.

Communities filled with people of color need to respect themselves and others. The outright arrogance of a population that depends on others to survive is something un-American.

This is not a black and white issue, it never was. It's a systemic issue created by a welfare state that enslaves the poor. An industry that perpetuates poverty and crime by doing nothing to fix it. It fills chairs in government offices with overpaid, over perped and arrogant workers, who in most cases have little or no respect for the people they are suppose to help. If real solutions were applied to those who are in need, those chairs would be empty. It is a convoluted system.

Where are the Black leaders? The only voices being heard are from the race baiters who use the dysfunctions of their communities to line their pockets. They steal from the poor, not just money, but whatever dignity they may have by amplifying the narrative that some people can not change. Of course we know that this is not true, yet even the believers are having doubts. 

It's discouraging to hear the word respect from people who show no respect for others lives. or property. Taking advantage of a bad situation and showing the world the bad nature of things only perpetuates hatred.

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