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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Editorial: ILLEGAL Fix on Immigration

theodore miraldi 

While the left continues to categorize everyone

 in disagreement on Obama's  unilateral fix as

 heartless, or morally repugnant on what to do

 regarding 11 million  illegal aliens, a few

 simple facts must be considered. Those in 

favor of allowing immigrants who have 

broken our laws and divided segments of our nation into votes need

 to adhere to some simple truths.

Their faulty narratives regarding having a 

job, or possibly having paid taxes is a baseless claim and if so,

 implemented by another illegal, or criminal act. In order to pay

 taxes one must have a social security number. Obtaining illegal

 documents to do so has been a thriving business in the Hispanic

 community for decades. Paying taxes does not make a good. law

 abiding citizen. Obeying Local, State, and Federal Law 

contributes to an orderly community and society and must be 

adhered to by all.

No cogent mind on either side of the aisle believes in wholesale

 deportation of millions of our neighbors, and in many cases

 friends. Breaking laws for decades by living under the radar is the

 direct result of a bad choice by an individual, assessing those who

 require these standards be applied to all should not make those

 who are citizens enemies.

If the democrats who pretend to be altruistic want social justice 

that justice should be displayed without threats of unilateral 

Executive Orders that do more to solidify power than free illegals

 from the responsibility of their own acts.

Enough has been said regarding Obama's lack of transparency on

 many issues. this issue has enormous ramifications for our nation

 and its future. Immigration has been the driving force of the 

complex fiber that is fundamental to its success. Making future

 immigration legal without the invasion of millions who wish to

 disregard the law must be the driving force of any changes to our


Those who demand equal treatment while living under the radar 

still do not understand the gift of U.S. citizenship.

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