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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's son mugged outside family home

The teenage son of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was attacked and robbed outside his family's home on the city's North Side late Friday, according to police. 
Police told that Zach Emanuel, 17, was walking outside the house shortly after 10 p.m. local time when he was grabbed by two men. Authorities say the men went through Zach's pockets and grabbed his cell phone before taking off. As of Saturday night, they were still at large. 
The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the teenager suffered a chipped tooth and a fat lip when he was punched in the face during the attack. According to a police report seen by the paper, one of the attackers asked Emanuel "What else you got?" after taking the phone. The muggers then made him enter his security code to unlock the phone before fleeing.
Police said that no weapons were used in the attack. A photo taken by anewspaper photographer showed police officers gathered on the porch of the Emanuel home. On Saturday night, MyFoxChicago reported that an unmarked police car was parked in front of Emanuel's house. 
According to a Chicago Police Department Crime Summary Map seen by MyFoxChicago, there have been 17 robberies in the same police district as Emanuel's home between Nov. 20 and Dec. 13. 
Kelley Quinn, a spokeswoman for the mayor, told the Sun-Times that Zach Emanuel was treated for his injuries and was able to join the rest of his family on a long-scheduled holiday trip to Chile.

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  1. Anonymous4:13 PM EST

    The only way liberals ever get it is when they get jacked up by the very filth they love to support. I don't know this kid but I do know that his dad is a complete piece of garbage and it would have been better if it had been Rahm and they completely caved his face in. Then maybe he would stop justifying,rationalizing and minimalizing all the punk thug behavior that the people he loves, display on a daily basis. I would love to one day see that his old boss,Bath House Barry was a victim of the knockout game.