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Friday, December 26, 2014

Editorial: Racists be gone!

theodore miraldi 

It's unsettling to hear racists rants by those who have been most vocal about discrimination for decades. Although democrats think they own the issue of race, maybe a little history would do them well. Like most social issues democrats always set the bar low as a so-called equalizer to cookie cut us into the same behaviors. Somehow equating tolerance with progress while the world around us continues to crumble shows the lack of awareness, or narcissism on a mass scale. 

Who could take leaders seriously when they are the ones promoting the grievances that are creating riots and assassinations of police and others. So misguided by hate these animals are getting the passion and the courage by listening to the very people who shill for unity.

If Obama truly wanted to promote unity he should stay silent after events unfold that play into this racist narrative that damages the efforts of those who really care about getting along.

Appointment after appointment within this administration has been to those who have publicly built a negative narrative regarding race. The first Black President speaks about the down-trodden
black community as if it were caused by whites. 

The first Black Attorney General addresses racial issues only when bad behaviors produce consequences. Holder and his corrupt Dept, of Justice seem to be the ones that are color blind. This can only be perceived as by intention! He has appointed such left wing candidates to the most powerful agencies, one needs to ask why.

A president who has appointed Al Sharpton as the voice of the Administration and the Black community needs to be reprimanded for stupidity. A president who has sat in church for over 20 years with one of the most divisive race haters (Rev, Wright) isn't fooling anyone anymore. 

We are in a time of great tribulations, either we take a stand on these immoral charlatans, or we will get what we deserve! United we stand, divided we fall! 

Let's make this New Year, a year of UNITY!

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