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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Editorial: #shakeahandNYPD

Today my wife and I went holiday shopping, and while sitting on the train heading to Macy's I was struck with an idea to honor the Men and Women who Protect and Serve us through troubled times.

We decided that I would approach NYPD officers and shake their hands and thank them for all that they do for New Yorkers and thousands of travelers each an every day. We must remind them how thankful we truly are trying to keep us and this great city safe. 

Unfortunately tragedy struck before I could write this post. It's time to show our support for law enforcement!!!!

Here are two pictures of two of NYPD's Finest that I was honored to meet today!

Our prayers go out to the men and their families.

Please post any pictures, or stories about your positive experiences with your local police. 

I am going to twitter #shakeahandNYPD

theodore miraldi

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