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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Obama is on a rampage

Obama is on a rampage
Michael Goodwin
He can’t bring himself to call Islamic terrorists what they are, but President Obama finally said something with which we can all agree. Speaking of his remaining time in office, he said: “Two years is a long time.”
He can say that again — and did, attaching a scary promise about his plans for the twilight of his ­tenure.
“Two years is also the time in which we’re going to be setting the stage for the next presidential election and the next 10 years of American policy,” he told wealthy ­donors in San Francisco. “So I intend to run through the tape and work really hard, and squeeze every last little bit of change.”
There you have it. Instead of cleaning up the messes he’s created, Obama is hell-bent on making more of them.
The word that comes to mind is “rogue.” As in, the president is going rogue. Like an elephant on a rampage, he’s breaking free of all constraints.
That makes the next two years extremely dangerous. Not just for Americans, but also for people around the world who count on us for their security and well-being.
It is party time for the bad guys. Imagine you are the head of Islamic State or al Qaeda. Or you are Vladimir Putin, the head of China or the ayatollah of Iran.
You know Obama has spent six years shrinking America’s footprint and abandoning allies, leaving behind the vacuums you are filling. It’s already a bonanza, and his vow to double down over the next two years means you will never get a better opportunity to make more hay.
The whole world knows that, no matter who the next president is, he or she almost certainly will be determined to reassert some level of global leadership.
Until then, the Putins, the mullahs and the terrorists will match Obama’s sprint to the finish with their own. The violence, chaos, millions of refugees and breakdown of sovereign states already under way could be just a preview of the coming dystopian future. From Eastern Europe to Asia to ­Africa to the Mideast, no populated spot anywhere would be ­immune from potential upheaval and collapse.
To cite one example, what if Putin isn’t content with the parts of Ukraine he’s taking and wants a piece of the Baltic states? Unlike battered Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania belong to NATO, and its treaty obliges all members to ­respond if one is attacked.
Given Obama’s fondness for “leading from behind,” Putin probably assumes America would do nothing if he gobbled up the ­Baltics.
If Putin does that and gets away with it, NATO would be kaput. It protected Europe from the Soviet Union and Russia since World War II, but it would die a quick death if peripheral members were carved up with impunity. Not incidentally, such a move would consign millions of people to life ­under Russia’s boot.
The domestic implications of a rogue Obama rampage are less dramatic, but not less radical. From the economy to regulations on business and the Internet, he could do so much damage that would take years to correct, if correction were possible.
Consider immigration. The ruling by a Texas federal judge to temporarily halt the president’s executive order on mass amnesty is leading open-border advocates to vow they won’t be stopped.
Threats of violence hang in the air.
So far, the White House has said it would suspend its immigration plans in deference to the ruling, but it hasn’t always abided by court decisions it doesn’t like and has shown only contempt for congressional checks and balances. It’s no surprise, then, that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are looking for some way around the Texas ruling so they can move the amnesty program forward. After all, how many troops do the judges have?
Even if opponents ultimately prevail in court, that could take so long that it would be politically and practicably impossible to roll back the changes. The immigration genie would be out of the bottle forever.
As those scenarios suggest, Obama’s promise “to squeeze ­every last little bit of change” out of the next two years could wreak havoc with the presidential hopes of Hillary Clinton and a platoon of Republicans.
If they are wise, the candidates will draft their plans in erasable ink. With the Master of Disaster on the prowl, the worst is yet to come.

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