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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hillary without Honor

theodore miraldi - commentary

For those who remember the outrage over Nixon's 18 minute gap, Richard M. Nixon acted in an honorable manner by resigning from Office. He lived in a different age. An age where those even accused of wrong doing in office quietly faded into history.

Not so with either Bill, or Hillary Clinton. Mind you, the Clintons are the darlings of today's awkward media associations with politicians instead of finding out the truth. 

Many progressives would nail you to the wall about how truth is subjective, using the same argument as Hitler and many other tyrants throughout history. The Clintons have left an indelible stain of lies, corruption, and criminality on the American political system. 

From Backdoor Deals to Suicidal Associates, from Impeachment for Lying Under Oath or, wagging a finger at the public on nation wide TV repeating, "I did not have sex with that woman." 

The Clintons have removed the word Honor from the American Political vocabulary. Honor for those held in high esteem, and respect. People don't respect liars, yet in today's bazaar political landscape, the best liars are being elected in record numbers.

Now let's get to Hillary, Whitewater...lies, Video tape...lies, ARB...lies, Secretary of State accomplishment...lies. the death of 4 Americans...lies, and now the destruction of over 30,000 emails after the State Department asked for them to be turned over...lies. 

And now the purposeful deletion of evidence while a Congressional Committee is investigation Benghazi supported by, you guessed it... more lies.

How deep does this rabbit hole go? Bill and Hillary need to show some grace, if not honor, and fade into history.

We are now in the clutches of an administration that has caused more damage to this nation than even the Clintons.

Do you think it wise to elect another corrupt leader when honor is really what we need?


  1. It is said that Hillary Clinton had about 70,000 emails on her server.
    She turned over 35-40,000 to the State Department, deeming the remaining 30,000 emails "personal".
    30,000 "personal emails"?
    Yeah. 30,000
    Which means, nearly half the time you see Hillary on her Blackberry, she's conducting personal business while she's supposed to be working. That alone should disqualify her from having ANY job, not to mention, the Presidency

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM EDT

    After her delaying and refusing to return and now erasing all the email that belongs to US - her only option to come clean may be for US to "scrub" Hilary (aka water boarding)