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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Obama, Iran, WW3.

theodore miraldi - commentary

A deal with Iran is a deal made with the Devil. No amount of ridicule by anyone who understands the variables on the table with Iran and nuclear weapons is supporting this ill fated pact. Iran will sign anything, and will not live up to its terms. This isn't about bringing a rogue nation under control, this is about giving Iran the ability to destroy Israel, because it is paramount to Iran's will and ideology. 

Most might think Obama doesn't know what he is about to do, I disagree. He knows, like he knows about spreading hatred between the races, genders, rich and poor.  Like he knows that close aids and friends are corrupt either criminally, or morally. 

This is his destiny, to sow unrest between peoples and nations. To be the Catalyst to war, like Hitler, Stalin and other Madmen in History. His really doesn't care about the little guy, he cares about punishing those who have victimized his lot.

One thing should be clear, when anyone outside his circle criticizes his judgement whether it be Heads of State, opposing parties, or anyone with Conservative values.  Obama goes against all rational thinking and advances his agenda. He acts like a child, telling him no always has adverse consequences, allowing him his way means bad results for all.

Iran has an apocalyptic mission, ending the world means nothing to those who value death above life.

It's why they treat each other with disdain. Respect is only for those who agree with this dysfunction. Blow yourself up to kill innocent people earns you respect. Islam is a cult of Death, radical Islam promises death to all non-Muslims. 

There may be forces at work here that we have little, or no control over. Men with twisted minds and ill conceived plans have always found their followers. True faith never makes this world the horror that Iran promotes.

Everything Obama represents is deceitful and dishonest, it's the foundation of his beliefs.

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