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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Message. Who Cares?

theodore miraldi - commentary

And again, are we faced  with the truth regarding what minority communities really want? Decades have passed under democrat controlled communities where poverty and crime rule the streets. The same dysfunctions that would cripple any community have been spoon fed with policies that create them.  Ignoring behaviors that create good citizens and replacing them with subjects of the state beholding to the next charlatan who promises everything, and gives nothing of real value to the human spirit.

Nearly every community beset with rioters and violence are communities with large Black populations. Populations that are beset by generational problems of family, educational, economic and social integration issues. Populations that rely on government to sustain everyday life.

Government programs do not teach young mothers and fathers how to raise their children, that responsibility has always been done by elders who understand the real issues facing young families.
There are few functional families in these communities. Children with one parent overwhelm the socail strata followed by poverty.  Children are socialized on the streets. The same streets that are owned by gangs and drug dealers. This has been trues for decades, and little has been done to take the streets back by government, or the people who live within these communities. 

How much easier would it have been to educate those who now hold the civility of these communities in the balance, than subsidizing them into dependence.

Organized communities rely on discipline, when parents of children have no discipline neither do there children. When members of a community disrespect others in the community there can be no
social understanding of ones commitment and responsibility to others.

This is not to say, that all within these communities do not understand these basic truths. What ever happened to the meaning of, "It takes a community to raise a child"?

We have Local and Federal government negligent of their responsibilities to these communities. Billions of dollars that should be used to rehab these communities are being spent on Illegals while officials seem blind to the needs of its citizens. This needs to stop!

A national effort must take shape to address the real problems we are facing, the worst of which is to take care of our own children before supporting non-citizens who have broken the law.

Baltimore is just another cry for help to all of us to focus our priorities, and create policies that
have positive results. It is a crime to allow any group of Americans to become so desperate that violence seems to be the only way out. This is a nations of ideas and solutions. Stop making excuses
and blaming others. We are better than that.

In no way should we tolerate these behaviors, it may be time to send a message before it is too late.

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  1. You are spot on the bulls eye of truth.