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Saturday, April 25, 2015

OpEd: Hillary's Intent to Deceive

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Of the many accolades used to describe the Clintons, the one that means more than any other is their intent to deceive in order to reap the rewards of questionable positions. It matters not, whether these positions are private in nature, or meant for public consumption. Winning at any cost is what makes these people tick. 

The fall of trust that has now permeated our political system is what deception thrives within. Let's not forget this is not the first time that documents have disappeared from the Clinton files. 

In there efforts to enrich themselves under the guise of helping others, the Clintons have been living a life of opulence furnished by the donations of nations and individuals that have a vested interest in whatever team Clinton is involved in. 

What's a stake here is the future of this nation. Can any rational individual continue to over-look the massive smoke screen the Clintons emit whenever their honesty is questioned. As a forgiving public there comes a time that repeated behaviors need no explanation.  Patterns denote intent. 

To anyone with an observational mind, this is called a pattern. Most all psychological determinations regarding behaviors are based on patterns, especially when these patterns are repeated over a measured period of time. For those of you who believe that Hillary, or Bill Clinton will change if she is elected president, it's time to start paying attention.

This narrative has worked for years, and the Clintons have survived. It's what happens when you purposely destroy the evidence. 

This is called intent! Can the Clintons be trusted?

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