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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The House of Billary

theodore miraldi - commentary

After our nations stellar conception to rid itself of rule by King, to governance by the people we have reached a point within political behavior that now endorses, and validates those who would rule by edict again.

The House of Billary is upon us. The elitists, do as I say throwbacks from another era have become the new shiny objects of the not so progressive, progressive left. Or, are things going to get worse?

After 7 years of Executive Dominance of our 3 Branch government,  King Obama is passing the torch to the sticky fingers of the Clintons. Remember them seniors? The two who tried to walk off with the White House silverware. Now it appears the nations is ready for The House of BillaryII.

Constant Scandals, and the beginning of in your face denials started with the Clintons. They in good part are responsible for destruction of ethical behaviors by others in government. Leading by example has never been their forte.

Why in the world is everyone blaming the Clintons for being corrupt? Although it might take you the next year and a half of research and reading.  

I'm telling here and now, The House of Billary will burn to the ground.

What this nation needs are patriots to run this nation, not the essence of rulers we snuffed out in the Revolution to Exceptionalism...

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