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Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina argued

 that “titles are just titles” and Hillary Clinton’s “track

 record” includes the collapse of the Middle East and the

 failed Russian reset on Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell

 Reports” on MSNBC.
Fiorina said, “I come from a world where titles are just

 titles, and talk is just talk. It’s only in politics where titles

 and words mean a lot. In the rest of the world, it’s actually

 about what have you done, actions speak louder than

 words. People want to know are your words and your

 actions consistent and are they consistent over time. And so,

 I think when 82% of the American people now believe that 

there is a professional political class more interested in

 preserving its own power and privilege than it is in serving

 the American people, people expect basic questions to be

 asked of anyone running for president. ‘What have you

 done, are you trustworthy, are you transparent, will you

 answer questions?'”
Fiorina said that while Hillary Clinton has said some

 “wonderful things” as Secretary of State, “it’s also true that

 as Secretary of State she took women’s rights and human

 rights off the table for discussion with China. It’s also true

 as Secretary of State that she called Bashar al-Assad a

 positive reformer. It’s also true that in 2011, when she was

 Secretary of State, she said that Iraq was a free, stable,

 sovereign nation. And now we have a nation falling apart,

 Iranian influence growing, ISIS growing. It’s true that she

 said that she could reset our Russia — our relationship with

 Russia and Vladimir Putin is on the march. So, I think all of

 those things I just named go fundamentally to what is her

 track record.”
After host Andrea Mitchell stated, “You could also argue that

 a lot of Republicans in the White House and in Congress

 supported those policies –” Fiorina responded, “absolutely,

 that’s right. And by the way, every single Republican

 candidate has been asked about their vote for the war in

 Iraq. The one person who’s not been asked  that question

, because she won’t answer the question is Hillary Clinton

. One person who was on the job in 2011, when Iraq started

 to fall apart, was not the Republican nominees or —

 candidates for president, it’s Hillary Clinton. she hasn’t

 been asked yet. What would she do now in Iraq?”
Fiorina then outlined her ISIS strategy, saying, “I would do

 very specific things. First, instead of having a Camp David

 conference to talk our Arab allies into a bad deal with Iran,

 I would have had a Camp David conference to talk with our 

Arab allies about how we can support them to fight ISIS. Let

 me give you very specific examples. The Kurds have been

 asking us to arm them for three years, we still have not. The

 Jordanians have been asking us to provide them with 

bombs and materiel. We know King Abdullah of Jordan, I’ve

 known him for many years. He took the appropriate

 leadership steps when a Jordanian pilot was burned alive.

 He was here in this country asking us for bombs and 

materiel, we haven’t provided him with any of them. He’s

 now looking to China for that. The Egyptian president, a

 very brave and pious Muslim, who has said there is a

 cancer in the heart of Islam, has asked us to share

 intelligence. We are not. The Turks have asked us to help

 them topple Bashar al-Assad, we are not. There are a whole

 set of things that we’ve been asked to do by our allies who

 know this is their fight, and we’re not doing any of them.”
The interview concluded with her being asked about equal 

pay for equal work, Fiorina said, “Of course I support equal

 pay for equal work. And that’s why, in 1963 when a law

 was passed guaranteeing that if a woman is being

 discriminated against in the workforce purely because of 

her gender she should take every advantage of the law. But I

 also know this — a seniority system, which exists in the

 federal government, that allows a man to watch

 pornography all day long in the federal government,  and 

earn the same pay, pension, and benefits as a woman sitting

 next to him trying to do a good job, that is not equal pay for

 equal work. And the seniority system, and the federal

 government that promotes that seniority system, and the

 unions, as well, they’re not willing to talk about that. So

, before the federal government or Hillary Clinton, who, by

 her own measures, is not paying women equally in her own

 office, nor is President Obama, before they lecture others,

 maybe they ought to look into their own offices, or look into

 the seniority system in the federal government.”

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