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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Author: American kids being dumbed down as part of globalist scheme


It’s no accident that America’s education system is struggling, according to international journalist and educator Alex Newman, who believes American children are being intentionally dumbed down so they can be more easily controlled.

“Basically every tyrant in all of history has understood that to control and to enslave a nation, you need to control the education system,” Newman said in a recent appearance on “The Alex Jones Show.”
Newman extensively researched historical tyrants for his recently published book “Crimes of the Educators,” coauthored with Samuel Blumenfeld.
He also dug up a number of primary documents that he says prove socialist utopians are attempting to create a “new world order” of global citizens.
“They tell us they’re creating a global government, a global society, a single world religion – basically globalist everything on steroids, and really what they’re talking about is planetary totalitarianism,” Newman said. “They use nice words and that kind of stuff, but they’re very upfront about what they’re doing.”
However, the globalists understand an intelligent population would never go along with their schemes, said Newman. That’s why they need to dumb down Americans, and the rest of the world for that matter.
“Education is really at the heart of it, because if you don’t have a dumbed-down population, if you don’t have a population that’s sufficiently indoctrinated into this nonsense, it’ll never fly,” Newman said. “And so education, we consider, is really at the heart of this globalist effort to really, to be blunt about it, enslave the world. Without the education system, it would never be possible. Without mass-producing illiterates and collectivists, they could never build something like this.”
The host, Alex Jones, added his own historical parallel.
“If you go back to the different banking associations and groups in the 1890s and stuff … they were saying, ‘We’ve got too many smart people,’ and the robber barons said, ‘We need to take over education and dumb these people down,’ and boy, have they done it,” Jones said.
In “Crimes of the Educators,” Newman and Blumenfeld argue progressive education gurus have caused dyslexia and other learning disabilities by teaching children to read using the “whole word” method, which asks children to memorize words as whole units. The authors prefer a more traditional phonics-based method in which children learn which letters of the alphabet stand for certain sounds.
As a result of the whole-word method, says Newman, many children are functionally illiterate.
“So you won’t even be able to bypass the propaganda and get a book, get the Bible, get the Constitution, get the Declaration of Independence and read it, because they’re teaching the children to read using faulty methods that have been known to be quackery since the 1840s,” Newman told Jones.
He pointed to a 1993 government study that found as many as 51 percent of American adults were barely literate.
“This is crazy,” Newman exclaimed. “My 5-year-old can read after a few weeks of reading lessons using phonics. So something is seriously wrong in the schools, and it all comes together with the globalists and the big government scheming to enslave the American people.”
In their book, Newman and Blumenfeld claim “cooperative learning” is evidence of communist influence in the classrooms. Cooperative learning is a teaching method in which students work together in small groups and all receive the same grade for their work, even if they took a quiz or test separately. Such a collectivist mindset will come in handy in the new global society, the authors argue.
They also decry public schools for destroying children’s religious beliefs by teaching evolution and secular humanist doctrines. The authors note that lack of religion is a hallmark of totalitarian societies.
Their research also turned up evidence that the U.S. Department of Education is collecting massive amounts of personal information on every public school student in America.
“The Department of Education now, under the guise of improving education, is actually setting up massive dossiers on every student in the country, in the government schools, including information that parents wouldn’t imagine in their wildest dreams,” Newman told Jones. “We’re talking political beliefs, attitudes, values, views.”
When you put all of this together, says Newman, it’s not only horrifying, but it’s a crime against the American people.
“This is a gigantic criminal enterprise masquerading as a government school system, and it’s deliberately dumbing down the children,” Newman declared.
Although Newman regards the education system as criminal, he does not hold every teacher accountable for the crimes of the education establishment.
“There are plenty of teachers in the system who are very good people, who understand what’s going on, and who are defying the federal government and the Common Core and trying to teach students properly,” Newman told Jones. “By and large, teachers are just as much victims of this craziness as the students that are being dumbed down.”
Jones interjected: “Well yeah, because now they’re not humans that are excited about learning and know how to read. Now they’re dealing with a bunch of spoiled, rotten, drugged-up kids behaving like a barrel of monkeys.”
Newman hopes “Crimes of the Educators” will help destroy the globalists’ scheme by alerting people to what’s going on.
“If this information were more widely known, the entire edifice would collapse because all of it rests on a dumbed-down public that can’t read well, that can’t do math,” Newman said.
From what the author has seen lately, he thinks the globalists are accelerating their plans because they are nervous.
“They know that they’ve got to get this all done as quickly as possible because people are waking up right and left by the millions, and once we reach a critical mass of people who are awake, this whole thing is going to come crashing down,” Newman declared. “They’re going to end up in prison, and that’s serious stuff.”
Newman said it’s important for people to educate themselves about what’s going on and to organize within their communities, because as more Americans become aware of the globalists’ plans, they will be better able to resist.
“We’re going to have a great opportunity here to put a stop to all this,” Newman promised. “And if we miss it, it’s going to be a disaster for humanity, but if we seize it, it would be absolutely wonderful and amazing.”
Newman longs for the day when the American people collectively wake up, put their foot down and deliver this message: “Enough of this! We’re going to keep our rights. We’re going to keep our nation, thank you very much. We’re going to educate our children. We’re not going to let you dumb them down, and we’re not going to have your New World Order. Take a hike, you’re a criminal, that’s enough.”


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