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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Teaching Our Kids To Hate America

theodore miraldi - commentary 

The Progressive narrative being force fed to our children is; You're not special, multi-culturism is the answer, unfortunately your culture is not included.

From the time our kids enter our Public School Systems, they are being told to put a lid on being proud about their heritage and culture while promoting that we are all alike, and you are just a tiny piece of the pie. 

Anyone with an ounce of sense, or responsibility to the greater community has to know that this flawed interpretation of culture is no more than wishful thinking from those who will not face the facts, nor the truth about history.

Culture has played an enormous part of successful nations, communities, and families. It's why humanity has moved forward socially to create a better, safer environment where nearly every member of the community benefits from successful social integration.

It is not by accident, or by some other perceived reason that some communities e never seems to move forward. The left insists that working together is the answer while all along dividing even our children, making them both fearful and confused. The adjustments made to accommodate this multi-culture experiment might very well cost our children, and this nation the success it has enjoyed for over 239 years.

You change the nature of a nation though its children. The majority culture has faced an onslaught of negative minority complaining when hard work, and doing the right thing would have produced the results they desired. 

I've always believed that demonizing someone else to make yourself look better was the wrong way to handle your life. It's about time that those who spend time behaving like unruly children start being grateful for the life that only they have any control over.

We are allowing our children to be taught to hate American. Some cultures breed success, some are mired in failure. It's time to stop this nonsense!


  1. The federally controlled education system has been working on dumbing down children and producing a generation of compliant non-Christian "global citizens' sine the days of Dewey. It began in earnest with Outcome-Base Education in the 70s, greatly accelerated with Agenda 21 being taught per the 10 year worldwide UNICEF goals.

  2. Do you know when this nonsense began or where it is coming from?