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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Clintons Legalized Lying

theodore miraldi -commentary

There are indisputable facts regarding the way the Clintons behave. Unfortunately honesty and truthfulness have not been their strong suit. The first tell of a liar is denial, and the look of astonishment when confronted. Never, ever forget the Clintons are lawyers, the bane of anything that resembles honesty, or for that matter responsibility, especially in the sphere of politics.

Both Bill and Hillary have challenged the ability of the ordinary to figure out the most profound and obvious, and this is when they are at their very best. By interjecting the extreme understandings of an issue, they cause some to take pause and question their own understanding of right, and wrong.

Take same sex marriage, the prevailing argument is whether it is a civil rights issue, or just another minority demanding special treatment under the law. The Clintons see this as a hate issue, it's about not being tolerant. As if the public should, by their understanding be tolerant to just about anything the human mind can conceive. That smacks of humanism and not a society that is guided by beliefs and codified law.

This is the same modality the Clintons have used before. It was the magical thinking that lawyers use defending criminals. 

What I am getting at is, the Clintons never address an issue by using ethical understanding. They create their own rules, and forcefully fight all who object. 

What happened in our nation that changed a once noble profession into a pit of snakes using the law to obfuscate the truth......Power.

If Bill were honorable he would have kept it in his pants!

If Hillary were truthful she would surrender her server!

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