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Sunday, May 31, 2015

When Minorities Became Majorities

theodore miraldi 

We have seen this before. The naggers, complainers, social deviants, unemployable, anti-simulation, foreign tongued masses come across our borders since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. They were immigrants, driven by the will to have a better life, to do what was right, to give their children the opportunities they didn't never had gotten. And although they weren't immediately welcomed, they earned our respect. This has been the modality that built the nation. That built our communities, taught our children and attended our Churches. 

So what went wrong? 

Immigrants landing on our shores were promised nothing more the an opportunity. They lined up and waited for hours, days and weeks to finally know whether they could stay in this nation of opportunity. They didn't riot, demand or threaten entry, they were humble and grateful and acted in a socialized manner to plant their roots. The English, the Irish,the Italians, the Jews, The Polish and many others from European ancestry. Europeans who socialized within and without their particular cultures and belief systems. They were what finally created our Greatest Generation.

They lived in poverty and squalor for generations, but they never gave up. And finally became part of the fabric of this nation. They lived through the greatest economic collapse the world has ever seen, and they survived.

There was little, if any government assistance.

Immigrants lived the ghettos of every American city in this nation, and worked their way out. They educated their children and took pride in the American Experience. The dream to leave poverty behind realized. They than became our mighty middle class.

They assimilated, and that's the key.

Remember that when you see thousands of Illegals marching in your community carrying Foreign flags and burning ours. When your children are bullied in school by teachers and illegal children who are living on your dime.

This is our country! Not there's. They show little respect for law and order and will get in you face.

And why is this happening?

Our leaders are capitulating to the naggers, complainers, the social deviants, They are blaming you for there lack of opportunity, and members of our government are working with them. A government for the people, and by the people. Unfortunately the people aren't you!

This must come to an abrupt halt. There are many who enter our nation play by the rules and have successful lives. That's what our nation is about success. 

Assimilate or, leave voluntarily. The time is nearing when action will speak the mind of our nation.

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