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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Demonizing America as a Racist Nation

By: Bill O'Reilly

It is an amazing thing to watch.
America has gone from being the land of the free and the home of the brave to a country dominated by white supremacy.
No longer is it white privilege.  Now it's supremacy, the allegation that white Americans are actively trying to keep black Americans down.
That is what the far left is putting out there, largely unchallenged by a cowardly media.
You hear the insane rhetoric on cable news nearly every night.
It is an outrageous Tower of Babel.

CAROLINE HELDMAN, OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE PROFESSOR OF POLITICS: “We are a white supremacist society.  We are a society that, on its face, values white people, what they do and their body, their integrity more than people of color.”

CNN INTERNATIONAL HOST: “Is racism built into this country?  Is it in the hearts of many Americans?”
PATRICIA WILLIAMS LESSANE, COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON: “Oh, I definitely think that’s the case.”

SUSANNAH HESCHEL, PROFESSOR OF RELIGION AT DARTMOUTH: “I would like to know if the white churches in this country are hanging their heads in shame today.  But you know the shame isn’t enough because they can’t repent without restitution.  When are we going to have reparation for slavery for Jim Crow, for the new Jim Crow?  Unless you give back there is no forgiveness for you.”

MYRLIE EVERS, MEDGAR & MYRLIE EVERS INSTITUTE CHAIRMAN: “And I`m deeply afraid that we are still as a country mired in prejudice and racism.”

MARC LAMONT HILL, CNN POLITICAL CONTRIBUTOR: “The problem is, we can’t eliminate these types of incidents if we don’t get at the source of the problem-and the source isn’t individual crazy people.  The source of this is white supremacy.”
Once again, that stuff is being put out to the world with little skepticism on the part of an American media that is afraid to challenge it.
They're afraid because if they do challenge, they may be labeled anti-black bigots.
So they are intimidated.
The one TV network that does not accept the blatant dishonesty that America is a white supremacist nation is Fox News.
And some of us on this channel get viciously attacked for standing up for the truth.

Last night on my computer, the Yahoo News service carried anti-Fox defamation from all kinds of crazy left websites.
It was brutal, Yahoo just throwing this garbage out there with no balance whatsoever, giving these smear merchants a platform.
But you rarely see any conservative points of view on Yahoo.  Where's the Daily Caller? Where's Breitbart? Where's WorldNetDaily?  Where's Newsmax?
In the world of Yahoo News, they don't exist.
Yet every anti-Fox statement Jon Stewart makes is headlined.  It's disgraceful.

So that's why these anti-American race-baiters spew their invective with glee.  There is little downside for them, with the exception of terrible ratings.
As Talking Points has reported, the no spin truth is that there are anti-black bigots in America, but to say the country is defined by them is a gross lie.
That would be like saying that the African-American community is defined by Farrakhan or the Black Panthers.
Most Americans -- no matter what color they are -- are decent, fair-minded people.
But there are problems in the African-American precincts, especially in the inner cities.

However, the problems have little to do with white people.  Rather, a corrosive culture that does not confront child neglect and anti-social behavior on the streets is driving poverty and dysfunction.
Let me give you one recent example.  In Detroit on Saturday, twelve black Americans were shot at a party.
Did you hear anything about that?
Twelve Americans shot, including three women.  One person was killed.

The likely perpetrators: black gang members.
JAMES CRAIG, DETROIT POLICE CHIEF: “12 victims were shot, which includes the one who was fatally shot as a result of these cowardly violent, what I’m calling urban terrorists.  This is not acceptable, but the only way we’re going to bring some closure for the families -- we need the community’s help.”
Detroit Police Chief Craig and most other law enforcement officers in the nation well understand it is not white on black crime that is the problem.  It is black on black crime that is causing social chaos.

While the terrorist Dylan Roof is now a huge international embarrassment to America, Roof is an exception, not the norm.
A deranged young racist who murders nine people is a terrorist.  Thank God this kind of thing is rare.
The truth is there is no organized effort to harm black people by white people.
That does not exist in America.
The real racism is looking away from what is really harming black Americans, the root cause of poverty.

And as Talking Points has reported over and over again, that it is the dissolution of the African American traditional family; chaos on the streets in poor neighborhoods; and an educational system that does not demand the same standards of achievement that are demanded in the white neighborhoods.

In many schools, if black students misbehave or fail, nothing is done.  Authorities either look away or socially promote them.
That is racism.  All American students should be treated the same.
And the excuse that slavery, Jim Crow and other historical injustices should now define how black citizens are treated is insane.

Barack Obama, a poor boy of mixed race, rose up with little parental help and became the president of the United States.
Did these anti-American folks who are exploiting Charleston miss that?

Just today Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a man of Indian descent, announced he is running for president.
Dr. Ben Carson, who overcame poverty to become a brilliant surgeon, is also running for president.
And far-left smear merchants have the nerve to say that America is a white supremacist nation.
And the press does nothing about that?
And Fox News is attacked when we report the truth?
Well you want a war, you got a war.
I'm not going to sit here and take this garbage any longer.  People who lie, who run their country down, who are racist themselves, are going to be called out on The Factor.

In the next segment with Bernie Goldberg, we'll play you an outrageous statement made by a person who works for NBC News.
Summing up, critical mass has been reached.

In the real world, America remains the country that provides the most opportunity to the most people.  That's why millions of folks are trying to get in here, many of them people of color.
American taxpayers fund entitlements for poor people, their hard earned dollars given to folks who need help

American businesses actively seek good minority employees.
The American Congress has passed law after law after law to ensure that all Americans have equal opportunity to pursue happiness.

As I said last night, every country has racist elements within it.
You're always going to have terrible incidents like Ferguson, Baltimore and Charleston.

But every stat and poll says the same thing: There is not an epidemic of racism in the United States of America.

That's the truth and the liars who distort the record are on notice; you will be held to account.
And that's the memo.



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