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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Christian genocide -- and U.N. does nothing!

Exclusive: Jackie Mason wants U.S. to quit global body, rescue persecuted believers



There is a quiet genocide going on right now in almost 50 countries in the world, and its victims are Christians. Among the worst offenders are Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, China, North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Colombia (yes). But as of this moment, very few people have heard about it – and the sad truth is that even if they have, they don’t care enough to feel any sense of outrage over it.
Why is it that the American people hardly care? Listen to people talking at dinner tables across America, and you won’t here a word about this international holocaust of the Christian people.
The truth is that we are so conflicted, torn and guilt-ridden about recently losing so many American lives in the accumulation of so many wars, as well as the disapproval and disdain of the rest of the world, that we have become paralyzed into inaction. Until very recently, the U.S. was almost always the only country to have enough compassion to sacrifice the lives of its own to save those in other countries. The war in the Balkans, the tsunami in Indonesia, the AIDS epidemic in Africa are just a few instances of the readiness of Americans to sacrifice themselves to help people in trouble anywhere. But now, not only do we seem too frightened and embarrassed to intervene, but meanwhile the rest of the world stands idly by and watches.
Why is there so little true compassion or concern from the rest of humanity? In the midst of this Christian genocide, have you heard a word or even a thought of involvement from the United Nations? What are they waiting for? Millions of Christians being killed isn’t enough of a tragedy? How many more millions have to be slaughtered before they think that it deserves to be stopped?
The non-existent reaction of the U.N. should come as no surprise. After it was created in 1945, it took the blink of an eye for that organization to forget its true purpose and to lose its collective conscience. The truth is that it has always acted more like a travel agency than a peace-keeping organization. Its officials spend all their time booking trips, flying planes and making worthless, inconsequential speeches that only ever make one point – that any tragedy, anywhere in the world, never would’ve happened if not for the selfishness and rotten capitalism of the United States of America.
And so the question is: Why is America still a member of the U.N., given that we have been the only ones ever to take any action in situations like this? The only thing we Americans have ever achieved in the U.N. is to have found a place where we can hear ourselves being condemned, attacked and abused while we pay for the privilege of hearing about it. If we’re honest, the U.N. is a perfect example of an idealistic concept spending billions of dollars purporting to serve a noble purpose, while accomplishing little or nothing for 80 years. The sad truth is that the U.N. was designed from the get-go to make it impossible ever to achieve its useful purpose. It is an organization consisting of 100 countries ruled by despots and outlaws and only a handful of democratic governments. Furthermore, since it also affords certain members the power of the veto, any attempt by a democratic government to achieve anything of value is invariably vetoed or outvoted. It’s as if we created a police department that only has two cops and 300 criminals – so that instead of prosecuting the criminals, the police department is perfectly organized to protect them.
This is why the United States has become ineffectual and has a meaningless voice in the U.N. And a further irony is that these dictators from countries where people have no human rights often become chairmen of the very U.N. committees set up to fight for human rights in other countries. The only human right they have in their own country is to either shut up or to be captured in the middle of the night to face a firing squad, and increasingly it seems as though anybody with a block and a half of territory can call themselves a country and apply to join the U.N. Isn’t it ironic that the most powerful country in the world is a member of an organization where their influence is so meaningless and the sound of their voice is either ignored or never even heard?
That is why the oppression Christians are suffering right now, added to the stultifying silence and inaction of the rest of the world, leave us no choice but to quit the U.N. If there is no possibility of saving victims of persecution from within the very organization that claims to protect them, then America must embrace its exceptionalism and act independently to relieve such misery. And in doing so we must free ourselves from the guilt and blame heaped upon us by the U.N. itself. Within the U.N., no one will do a thing about the global persecution we are now witnessing against Christians. That is why we are morally obligated to leave the tyrannical playground of the U.N., overcome this painful conflict within ourselves and immediately do anything possible to save the lives of our Christian brothers from this terrifying genocide.


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