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Monday, September 21, 2015

Democrats Convoluted Truths

theodore miraldi.

Can anyone honestly say that this nation is better off with the explosion of free sex, unwed mothers, wholesale abortion,  rampant drug abuse. same sex marriage, gay rights and the destruction of Religious Freedom? 

And one more thing, politicians that use every opportunity to game the American Public.

Just today Hillary Clinton used the Pope's arrival to announce that she is also concerned, just like the Pope about the environment, and therefor against the Keystone Pipeline. 

Who could have guessed she would do that? 

This pattern of piggyback announcements that play off experts that may have gotten the issue wrong is disgraceful, and deceitful. 

The democrats will parse any one's intent to extract one sentence to build a bridge between them and whichever special interest group looking for favor, as if it's from God's mouth.

Not only do they subvert the truth with false narratives, but also withhold the truth about important issues that the Public has the right to know. 

Take for example the Benghazi attack before 2014 election that would have caused the loss of the White House. There is an exhaustive list of lies and half truths that the Democrats still use to divide the voters.

What is fundamentally true is that the democrats are out of fresh ideas and keep protection bad ideas, blaming all of their failures on the Republicans.

This election will be about restoring faith in government. If we stay focused on the issues that make this country and it's citizens first again, we can finally take a breath of fresh air.

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