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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Violent weekend could be indicator of ‘bad news’ on the horizon

Crime statistics show a stunning recent spike in murders, rapes and robberies, and one law-enforcement source warned that it could be the start of a bad-news trend.
The frightening increases — especially the surge in robberies such as the one that apparently led to a cabby’s slaying Monday — “could be a strong indicator for what’s to come: more violence,” the source said.
“Historically, when robberies go up, murders go up, as well,” the source added. “Robbery is one of those bellwether crimes that indicates that more violent crime is on the horizon.”
The source noted the separate slayings of two cabbies Thursday and Monday, saying, “We haven’t had two cabby murders back to back in a while.”
Weekly figures released Monday by the NYPD show the 11 murders recorded in the past week ending Sunday marked a 450 percent increase over the two that occurred during the same period last year.
Rapes were up 26 percent for the week, from 27 last year to 34 this year, while robberies rose from 324 to 369 for an increase of nearly 14 percent.
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The scene where a cabby was murdered in his car.Photo: G.N. Miller
At a Queens street-renaming ceremony to honor his late protégé and crime-fighting expert Jack Maple, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton admitted that a “spike” of seven slayings in 24 hours during the weekend was “twice as many as we would normally have.”
Mayor de Blasio urged New Yorkers to “have faith in the NYPD.”
“We had the safest summer in 20 years — that’s a fact. Overall crime down compared to last year — that’s a fact,” the mayor added.

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