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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dear white people: Your days are numbered

Jesse Lee Peterson urges U.S. and Europe to 'stop the madness'


This has been a brutal couple of weeks for those with white skin.
It started with a three-ring circus at the University of Missouri, another landmark in the slow death of white America. And it drew to a close with the actual deaths of scores of French citizens.
The circus at the University of Missouri began after campus groups started protesting what they claimed was bad treatment of “minorities” on campus and an indifferent response to their complaints.
The black student-government president, Payton Head, whined on Facebook that someone called him the N-word from a passing pickup truck.
A few days before the school’s homecoming parade, members of the Legions of Black Collegians claimed that some unidentified person shouted racial slurs at them.
No names, no evidence, no actual harm – just petty accusations.
Angry black students blocked university system President Tom Wolfe’s car at the homecoming parade in a bizarre attempt to get his attention. When he wouldn’t get out of the car to chat with them, they were offended!
Student government President Head later posted that Wolfe “smiled and laughed” during the protest. “He laughed in our faces. This is your president. This is America. 2015.” What a dummy.
A graduate student, Jonathan Butler, went on a “hunger” strike, protesting “white privilege,” saying he wouldn’t eat until President Wolfe was replaced. It was later reported that his father, Eric L. Butler, is an executive at Union Pacific Railroad and made $8.4 million last year, with a net worth of $20 million. This is a spoiled child, pretending to make a stand for the “oppressed.”
Then the football team threatened not to play. And the white coach, Gary Pinkel, went along with them. Pinkel apparently values appeasement, and the money big-college football brings over what’s right.
So President Wolfe did what all self-respecting white liberal males do – he caved, and resigned. Not surprisingly, a black man, Michael Middleton, was named the system’s interim president.
The whole Missouri University circus is about the redistribution of power and wealth – from white to black. It’s about taking away from white decent people and giving to godless blacks who have not earned their way.
The white football coach, Pinkel, announced he was resigning at the end of the season for “health” reasons.
The chancellor, Bowen Loftin, announced he, too, was quitting at the end of the year.
The University of Missouri will never be the same now.
Weak, liberal whites have created monsters in their schools. The monsters are now eating them, and threatening to eat others.
By Thursday, chaos reigned across the country as students protested their schools and called for heads to roll.
The situation will not get better until white Americans put an end to it. In fact, it will only get worse.
Campus Reform reported that on Nov. 4, a group calling themselves the Afrikan Black Coalition revealed two shocking goals: Stop white people and overturn the Constitution. They probably don’t realize this “white man’s Constitution” protects their right to protest. Their charming motto is “New Constitution or the Bullet.”
Speaking of “getting worse,” the New York Daily News reported that two black teenagers (13 and 14-year-olds) allegedly killed a white woman in her car, and then went on a joyride with her dead body propped up in the front seat. No, you won’t see this story on the evening news (at least not with the races mentioned).
And with clear evidence that white Americans are standing by as their country is going down in flames, Friday evening we heard news of the Paris attacks and concert hall massacre of mostly white French by Muslim terrorists.
Somewhere along the way, whites in Europe and America have lost their connection to God and have decided to give up defending their communities and freedoms. Europe has been in the process of handing their continent over to Muslims. And white Americans are handing over their country to black malcontents – and Muslims. Friday it was reported that the first wave of Syrian immigrants had arrived in New Orleans. Where was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to stop this? Where are the protests from outraged Americans?
If you stand up against the bullies – whether they’re radical black bullies on campuses, or Islamic bullies, they will go sit down.
But if you act with fear, they will run over you and your children.
You can’t prove anything to angry people. You just have to speak up, be honest and live your life. Telling the truth and setting a living example is the only way to change anything for the better.
The greatest civilizations in the world are being destroyed by the godless.
The godless have not been raised by decent parents. They’re looking for love in all the wrong places, and in the wrong way. And now they’re destroying the free world.
It’s time for whites in America, and in Europe, to stop the madness. If it isn’t stopped, your way of life – and possibly your life itself – will be stopped.


  1. "My toenails are too long! I needs me a guvmint proram to handle it for me. You can't speckt me to do dat by myself."

  2. Anonymous5:31 PM EST

    This is a very astute observance of what is taking place in America. Is there any wonder that "we the people" are backing Donald Trump. he is a man who does not care about political correctness and tells it like it is. A large majority of people, even blacks and Hispanics are falling in with Trump. He is not a politician (yet), and his message is the truth. We do need to close our borders and send illegals back home. There are many things we need to do and vetting our colleges is one of them. I personally hope that parents will think twice before sending their children to this school.

    1. Anonymous6:32 PM EDT

      You are absolutely right. If "white America" does not stand up NOW then when will we? After the nation as we know it is burned to the ground because of demonic white hating black assholes? If you survive that it will be too late to "stand up" for YOUR rights because we wont have any at all. Judgment is coming...........get ready.

  3. ....
    Young Skulls Full of Mush:
    Passionate, concerned, caring, driven and committed teachers always fail
    if their work policies and and direction are not entirely devoted to producing educated students..
    Students are propagandized. Students are not taught how to think and find answers.
    The proof? The imbeciles they produced.

  4. The government made the decision to place the refugees in NO, Gov. Bobby Jindal did not known they were coming. He only found out after they had arrived. I am not a Jindal fan but he should not be blamed for something he had no control over.

    Go #Trump2016

  5. Locked and Loaded...... I live in the deep South and must say Blacks and Whites in most cases get along fine. But, I always am very much knowing my surroundings and watching other people. I agree though with all Mr. Peterson has mentioned above. You truly only trust a few people. Our Town is close to being 50/50 with Whites and Blacks. We have a large presence of Latinos also. Time will Tell.

  6. I think alot of these disenfranchised people have to make a personal decision , If you hate white people and America so much, Then why don't you immigrate to another country , you don't have to stay here


    It is my opinion and many agree that there are some extremely immature, ungrateful , and ignorant trouble makers on college campuses in all skin hues. Anyone who goes to a University to be educated should be very thankful for the opportunity to receive an education..somebody, somehow either worked very hard, sacrificed a great deal for them to attend any university... if their hatred and dissatisfaction is so great that they make absurd demands for ":safe spaces", whites fired, replaced by blacks..when they should be more concerned about having the most qualified professors vs. ones skin colors...and they cannot obey the rules..then they MUST be expelled from the universities and stop wasting the taxpayers money. Period. Immature, ignorant, racist children need to go back home to their Mommy & Daddy and GROW UP! Maybe they should join the military so they can have someone else pay their tuition for them...o wait...that would give them a fox hold for a safe space.. and that would be way too scary for these "tough" threatening white people with harm to have to fight a real enemy instead of an imagined one.

  8. Like many things this too shall pass. To be concerned about some toy blacks that are being used as first round canon fodder in the war where no one will remember their name, makes greater than they are. They are flies on a pile of crap. We are moving on. The lasting effete will be outright rejection of the communist philosophy.

  9. Bring it slackers. You want a fucking war, you'll get one.

  10. Our days are numbered, well let me let you in on a secret my black brothers and sisters along with whites and Hispanics both male and female and every other Nationality that I had the privilege of serving with in our country's United States Army. We are Americans we all bleed red , no matter our skin color because it's just like age it's a number a brand Givin and held up by those who want us divided . So back to my statement we the people United States citizens of all kinds will fight you if we have to cause we don't fall victim we make victims. We are Americans and while our skins hold different tones we all blend Red .