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Thursday, December 31, 2015

U.S. cop in hot seat for other role with Muslim group

'That should raise a few hairs on your heads'



Controversy is swirling around a Broward County, Florida, deputy sheriff over his outside position as an officer for the local Council on America-Islamic Relations, whose national organization was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the nation’s largest terror-funding case.
And BH Media reported locally that, “Radio host Joyce Kaufman, of 850-WFTL, has criticized the hiring of Hamze on her show, and a post critical of the hire of Hamze placed on a BSO forum at has received a whopping 70,000 views, making it one of the most-clicked posts ever to appear on the forum.”
In an opinion piece posted by the staff at Jewish Voice New York came a warning to Broward County residents.
“If you’re up to date on Islamic terror in this country, you know that CAIR is a HAMAS and Muslim Brotherhood associated organization that was named in 2007 and 2008 by the U.S. government has a co-conspirator in the raising of millions of dollars for HAMAS. Put two and two together, and we come to the conclusion that a major leader of CAIR-HAMAS, sheriff’s deputy Hamze, is responsible for your safety.
“That should raise a few hairs on your heads as well as a few questions that must be addressed.”
BH Media reported Hamze “was not given authorization” to speak about his employment.
But on the CAIR-Florida website, his page lists him as the regional operations director as well as executive director of CAIR South Florida.
“It is my job to protect your civil rights and serve the Muslim community,” he explains. “We as Muslims have the right to practice Islam without fear of discrimination or retaliation. We as Muslims have the right to raise our children according to Islam without interference. We as Muslims have the right to participate in the governing of our society. And most importantly, we as Muslims have the right to live in peace.”
He singles out “all the Muslims, Islamic Centers, Islamic Schools, Islamic Organizations, and to my fellow Americans” and promises, “I will stand with you if you stand with me!”
The Jewish Voice said the circumstances require people to consider “the possibility that one or more of these law enforcement individuals might share some loyalties with those same terrorists whom they are sworn to protect us against.”
The article questions how Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, a Jew, hired Hamze, and also whether the fact that Israel is a Democrat in a district represented by Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz had any impact.
BH Media reported district resident David Rosenthal is on a campaign against Hamze.
“I am against Shariah-compliant Muslims having any position in government, law enforcement or the schools,” he told the station.
A CAIR-Florida lawyer, Wilfredo Ruiz, came to Hamze’s defense in local media, saying the man is a dedicated deputy who is being treated unfairly.
It was when a federal judge in Washington, D.C., ruled that CAIR has no legal basis to claim its reputation was damaged by an undercover investigation documenting its ties to global jihad.
As WND reported, CAIR filed suit in 2009 against former federal investigator Dave Gaubatz and his son, Chris Gaubatz, after their findings were published in the WND Books expose, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.
In its lawsuit, which is scheduled to go to trial, CAIR originally alleged it suffered damages after the younger Gaubatz, posing as an intern, obtained access to some 12,000 pages of CAIR internal documents under false pretenses and made recordings of officials and employees without consent.
CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the nation’s largest terror-funding case, complained of the loss of donor revenue and the loss of contact with legislators and policymakers.
But when asked by defendants in the discovery process to identify its donors and name the lawmakers it has contacted, CAIR replied by stating it was no longer claiming damage to its reputation.
U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said CAIR’s filing of a motion to reopen discovery so it can depose an expert witness on the economic impact of damages to CAIR’s reputation is “too late in the game.”
Furthermore, she said, CAIR itself has chosen three times not to claim damage to its reputation.
The judge has dismissed most of the case, leaving standing an allegation that Chris Gaubatz violated the federal and D.C. wiretap acts when he recorded video and audio of his conversations while serving as a CAIR intern.
While WND is not a target of the lawsuit, the news organization has provided the attorneys for Chris and Dave Gaubatz, a co-author of “Muslim Mafia.”
“This legal fight has been dragging on for years,” said Joseph Farah, founder and chief executive officer of WND. “We are only involved in this case to defend the First Amendment, the intrepid and courageous work of one of our authors and to expose CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood tentacles operating with impunity inside the U.S.”
Farah said the “tragic story of this case is that no one else was willing to step forward and pay for the world-class defense team we assembled, including famed First Amendment attorney Martin Garbus of the Pentagon Papers case and Dan Horowitz, one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the country when it comes to CAIR.”
‘Ample evidence’
“Muslim Mafia” documents CAIR’s support of jihad, recounting its origin as a front group for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, the worldwide movement that has stated its intent to transform the U.S. into a Saudi-style Islamic state.
WND recently reported that Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson has called for an investigation of CAIR, and the White House invited a CAIR executive to a meeting on battling religious discrimination. WND reported in October that CAIR’s problems with the IRS, exposed in “Muslim Mafia,” were noted by Carson.
FBI wiretap evidence from the Holy Land case showed CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad was at an October 1993 meeting of Hamas leaders and activists in Philadelphia. CAIR, according to the evidence, was born out of a need to give a “media twinkle” to the Muslim leaders’ agenda of supporting violent jihad abroad while slowly institutionalizing Islamic law in the U.S.
As WND reported in 2010, a federal judge later determined that the Justice Department provided “ample evidence” to designate CAIR as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, affirming the Muslim group has been involved in “a conspiracy to support Hamas.”


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