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Saturday, February 27, 2016

OpEd: Small Dog Barking at Trump for spelling?

theodore M I R A L D I.

I must admit spending time on FB and dealing with the left has been arduous to say the least. I attest that 99% of the time you rattle a democrat they will confront you with your spelling. 

After hearing Rubio's talking points in his robotic R2D2 manner, there's nothing left for Rubio but to revert to who he really is, a closet Democrat. 

Hear are some irrefutable reasons; His crafting and voting with the likes of Schumer and the Democrats Gang of 8's Immigration Bill; Using government credit cards for personal use and breaking common sense integrity rules; Not showing up for Senate votes because he thinks being a Senator is a waste of time. It's all about Rubio, it's who he is. 

Now that he is being cornered like a democrat his natural instincts kick in. 

Rubio is another minority disappointment for the Democrats. If elected Rubio would be in the Democrat party pocket. You just can't trust him. He will likely lose Florida big for the mask he has been wearing. 

These are the same attributes that propelled Barack Obama into office, another man with no real experience. Really, would you trust this guy with your credit cards? 

Marco Rubio is just another little dog barking loudly before he gets humiliated by defeat.

The obvious support he is now getting from the establishment doesn't seem to matter  his election with Tea Party support. Who is this guy kidding. He is exactly what we are trying to get out of Washington, lap dogs and liars who will say and do anything to deceive the voters.


  1. Rubio is a RINO shill. This alone takes him out of consideration ~

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