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Friday, February 26, 2016

OpEd: Rubio Wins for Low Class Performance

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

It took the loser of the last Republican fiasco to unleash the two Hispanic Dictators on a man who represents Real Success and accomplishment. If living off the public domain meant success, these two would be poster children for the hordes of Illegals that demand attention.

One might wonder if Romney's interjection into the race was an effort to assist his choice of  Rubio in a vicious attack that looked more like a knife fight than a presidential debate.

Can you imagine the indignation that these two men would create throughout the nation by sitting in the White House and acting as much a dictator as Obama. 

We might as well be annexed by Mexico or any other Central, or South American nation that thrives on corruption and oratory skills. We don't need another self centered egotist telling us what the American Dream should entail.

We don't need Telemundo to tell us that Illegals have Rights and that Hispanics will decide our Presidential election. This is the hubris that was on full display. Trump may not be the perfect candidate,. but he is the candidate that Americans want.

No matter what the hyperbole, Trump, Carson and Kasich are the only ones who have held a real job.

Sitting in the Senate and pontificating policy 24/7 means absolutely nothing to men and women who fight for a living each and every day.

Cruz and Rubio are whiners, so entrenched within a narrative that falls to the wayside with its cast of zealots. This is not some Latin nation where everyone goes into a frenzy. These tactics only work in dysfunctional communities and cultures that perpetually want to lead from behind.

The same emotive crap about hard childhoods memories is a story all too common to many Americans. It no longer make you special. 

If Cruz and Rubio are the best we have to offer in a nation of over 3 million we are in real trouble. Put the nation in the hands of people you can trust, who have proven that they are capable of running something, not these two whining Hispanics who will turn on the nation to push their culture of dysfunction on us, just like the last amateur that was elected and is ruining this nation. 

This is not to say that there aren't any wonderful Hispanics that we all could rally around, it's just not Cruz, or Rubio.

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