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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Curtis Ellis to elites: Working Americans are sick of being called losers

Artwork by Donkeyhotey


Mainstream commentators and the GOP establishment are having a hard time understanding what is behind the Trump voter uprising.
Some honestly admit they don’t know what’s going on. Others try their best to explain that which is before their eyes. (After all, it’s what they’re paid to do.) But try as they will, they keep missing the mark.
Voters are angry, they opine.
Angry about what? Oh, Washington, politicians, gridlock, the media, male pattern baldness, something, anything. The pundits are all over the place.
Voters are drawn to Trump because “he tells it like it is,” they say. That’s it – Trump is Triumph the Insult Comic Dog!
Bloomberg Politics was surprised to learn that Southern voters consider Trump the least conservative and the least committed Christian. But he’s still winning with them.
Then there’s that old rough and ready standby: Trump supporters are racists.
The New York Daily News has the most graphic example of what others say regularly. Why, any thinking person knows that Trump is really all about Making America White Again! The opinion-mongers who won’t say it openly insinuate it.
A corollary of the Trump-supporters-are-racist axiom is “Trump supporters are stupid.” We’ve heard countless variations on this: Trump leads with less educated, only those with high school and no college, low-income, etc.
If you gave the columnists and TV talking heads truth serum, most would tell you they have it all figured out: It’s just stupid white racists who support Donald Trump.
But the elitists are blind to what’s going on.
They are constitutionally incapable of understanding the Trump phenomenon. For them, it’s like that old cartoon: We have met the enemy and he is us.
For decades, effete intellectuals have been telling us how the world works, a world they have created according to their pet theories. We live in a new global economy, they pronounce, as they push yet another so-called free trade deal to dissolve our borders and erode national sovereignty.
From the comfort of their Manhattan dinner parties, Davos salons and Washington think tanks, the nabobs of the new economy have declared that there are winners and losers in the new world order.
The inhabitants of the rarefied aeries of power are clearly the winners. The rest of us are losers – and stupid to boot. You need to go to college, we are told. If you become shysters or paper pushers, “symbolic analysts” like us, you can be winners, too.
But the great majority of Americans who work with their hands and love their family more than an economic theory are sick and tired of being called losers.
We want the jobs you took from us to advance your treasured “global economy.” We want the country you have sacrificed on the altar of that abomination.
The message to the elites is this: The traditional values of our ancestors – work, family, country – mean more to us than the molten gods you worship.
It is economic nationalism, not racism or inchoate anger, that is on the march. Leading the column is a man named Trump.



  1. Brilliant brilliant article.

  2. Everyone is sick and tired of this PC crap. Were tired of a lying, cheating, foreign born terrorist, thieving, homosexual, nut job in the White House and all of his cronies that are tearing our country apart and that includes democrats and republicans. We are all willing to take a chance on Trump because he is saying what we believe in. We want Christianity back and islam out. He is a seasoned and a brilliant man capable of massing a fortune of somewhere around 9 billion. If he can do the perhaps he can figure out how to get back the billions the establishment has put in their pockets.