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Sunday, July 24, 2016

OpEd: DNC on a 4 Day Binge of LIES

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Hold on to your seats, get prepared to be mugged by the Democrats for the next 4 days. This convention is going to be a college course on what a corrupt party will say and do to retain power. As you already know, power means money, and money is what the Democrats really are concerned about.

This circus featuring every carnival barker, environmentalist and potty mouth crybaby will be screaming that the other side hates everyone, we know the list, it gets  longer with each election.

What they will attempt to do is establish plausible deniability by blaming the other guy, just look at the finger pointing going on now regarding Debbie Wassermann Schultz and her sleazy approach to denigrate a Jew running for office.

It's unfortunate that the party that talks about fairness abuses everyone in its path, Blacks, Hispanics, Women and every other flavor in the voter candy box.

There is no way that this convention will hide the stain that this party has created by the deceit it relies on to win elections.

This convention is no more than forcing an alternative reality down the zombies throats who still are not ashamed to call themselves Democrats.

The Democrats and this administration has made this nation look inept and mired in evil. No cogent adult should be able to look at the evidence and still support this party.

Like it, or not the Democrat Party has a history of abuse, and for the next 4 days they will be abusing the nation with their lies.

The Democrats can't win on good policy, so they fix the system.

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