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Sunday, July 31, 2016


theodore M I R A L D I.

For decades the Democrat Party has been beating the drum for everything not American, and not Traditional. They have been on a quest to gain total control over our Institutions and our Beliefs.
Using the guise of Individual Rights and our own Constitution, they create false narratives to change the minds of our young and turn voters into mindless drones. Socialism in the making.

Don't let their convention fool you again. They hate the Military, Law and Order and the God given rights of citizens to determine their own destiny and course in life.

Everything this administration has done has weakened  the nation. And it only took 10 Trillion Dollars to do it. They have created no jobs, educated few children, or kept our families safe from Terrorists, or those entering our nation Illegally.

Not only have they weakened our Federal Government, the democrats have nearly destroyed the unity that is necessary to build healthy communities on main street as well. The perfect example of their policies and party is Ferguson.

Ferguson is what the Democrats want the rest of the nation to look like. The Democrats will continue to destabilized cities and towns through poverty and civil disobedience. Creating chaos whenever and where-ever they can to gain control through minorities, lawlessness and corruption.

Just take a look at their policies regarding Illegal Immigration, Sanctuary Cites and Refugees. Since when does an Illegal have rights, and the voice of American Citizens mean nothing.

What rational policy dictates that we allow anyone from anywhere to break our laws and be granted special treatment.

Face the facts, the Democrats have been breeding Corruption in every corner of our nation.

They lecture us on Liberty and take ours away. The lecture us on Human Rights and take money from nations that treat women like chattel. They scold us regarding Women's Rights, yet approve of wholesale abortion. They become sanctimonious regarding minorities when the largest minority in our nation is the unborn child who have been slaughtered by the millions unabated any sound restrictions to protect them.

The once great Democrat party has devolved into a species of human-being that hates God, Country
and the bond between Men and Women. Make no mistake, this is not the first time that a civilization has been jerked into the scrapheap of history.

Political Ideology has become the new religion, the Opiate of the Masses. And the only way this can happen is when the population becomes ignorant and misinformed. In being so, they give up the ability to make their own decisions for themselves and their families. 

The Media has now become the Propaganda Arm of the Democrat Party, they were meant to be the protective arm of the people. 

Are we so far gone that we now elect criminals and ethically challenged individuals to show our children their future?