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Friday, July 15, 2016

OpEd: Hillary. No Press Conferences...No DEBATES!

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Hillary Clinton needs to be flushed out! It's her responsibility to American voters to answer the numerous questions still not addressed by her and her campaign. Hillary will not allow direct questions to be asked about her behaviors at the State Department, and what has now been proven and accepted in regard to her massive negligence of  handling classified material.

What we are experiencing is a coordinated effort by the White House, Federal Agency Directors, and a host of other political operatives to squash any real disclosure on Hillary. 

This gag order or NDA that FBI Investigators were forced to sign is exactly the same NDA that operatives who were in Benghazi were also forced to sign. This is no more than a bully tactic by the Obama Administration to instill fear in those who don't comply. Consequences that may end careers and who knows what else.

This is an administration that kills American citizens with no due process. This is a culture of secrecy that our Founding Fathers warned us against. This is TYRANNY!

Hillary Clinton must hold, no holds barred press conferences media wide. Her elitist attitude is akin to "Let them eat cake" and laughing about the lack of resistance by the opposite party and the general public.

We are on the precipice of  an Oligarchy run by the democrat party that will never relinquish power and destroy our Liberty and Freedoms. The policies now in place by Obama and its continuation by Clinton will weaken the tenets of  our foundation creating a socialist nation that will careen toward collapse economically, weakening our positions in Foreign Affairs and World Power.

Trump needs to flush this self absorbed women into the real spotlight, one not created by handlers and political hacks who want nothing more than power and offer only deception.

Any real policy analysis begs the question; Will our nation and its people be better off?

Electing a candidate who hides behind subordinates and political appointees is what we are now suffering through.

Hillary needs to take the heat from the media just as any other candidate must to lead this nation. We made the same mistake when the left elected the Messiah, who was with no fault. We now know better.

At least Obama offered the illusion of change. Hillary offers no illusions, or sleight of hand. What you see is, what you get. A woman always under suspicion or being probed for corruption!

If there are any out there who was lost by the outcome of the FBI fiasco. The FIX was in!

Trump must insist that Hillary bare the burden of open press conferences, or else he will not give her the platform of nationally debates alone to score a victory through innuendo and unfounded personal attacks.

No Press Conferences, No PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES!

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