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Thursday, July 21, 2016


theodore  M I R A L D I.

Politics makes strange bedfellows and we have some very good examples of it in this election cycle.

We  have witnessed an attempted assassination on the nominee of the Republican Party by a strange bedfellow named Ted Cruz.

The Ted Cruz that was licking Trumps shoes in the hopes he would falter. Anyone who knows Ted Cruz warned us to beware of a man who has no-one around him that trusts him. No staunch allies
within the Senate who would support him in his never-ending quest to be president. 

Ted Cruz is not only an Ideologue, but a dishonest and insincere son of a preacher. One might assumes being a preachers son would imbibe you with a sense of fairness, honesty and compassion.
We now know these characteristics do not reside in a man driven to be a leader at all costs.

Isn't that what we dislike so much about politicians that will do anything to win?

Ted Cruz and his narcissist pal John Kasich are birds of a feather, who do not have the character to overcome defeat, or adversity. No matter what flowery rhetoric comes out of their mouths.

These two men believe that they have been chosen by some mystical apparition of self righteousness, and only they can mends our nation and our hearts. These men are fools, and as such have acted appropriately.

Somehow Cruz and Kasich think themselves the thunderbolts who can stop the force we now see in Donald Trump. The force to speak plainly regarding complex issues like a knife cuts through butter.
This is what our nation needs at this moment in time. Not the flowery words of insincere men and women who can look us in the face and lie.

And although Trump will never offer us the political version of William Shakespeare, he offers us a true vision of what is in plain sight. It is a profound message that resonates with the high and the low, and all in between.

Cruz and Kasich are not honorable. 

Being smart must always be tempered with humility and duty when speaking for others, leading others. A man's bond is his word, and both Cruz and Kasich have proven themselves untrue to their word. Could you ever trust a liar?

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