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Sunday, July 17, 2016

OpEd: We Were Warned About TYRANTS

theodore  M I R A L D I.

President Obama and his band of law breakers now running this country need to resign NOW!

Not since the darkest hours in the birth of this nation have we had such dysfunctional leadership!

Make no mistake, the death of every police officer since Obama has been in office stems from his false narrative to the blame the ills of minority communities on the rest of us. It's what you get when Democrats run Local, State, and Federal Governments in our nation.

Siding with Felons, Sex Offenders and Terrorists is how they continually destabilize our society, and actively corrupt our culture.

How many law abiding citizens must die because we have a rogue government bend on destroying our way of life. 

President Obama goes out of his way to support Aggressive Black Organizations like BLM, the New Black Panthers, Al Sharpton who do nothing but spew hatred for Cops and White Privilege.

He castigates those in our our nation who pay for his social engineering with their tax dollars. The Democrats of the KKK had no problem killing blacks for a large part of American history for economics.

Now they have changed their focus to the unborn, and allow Blacks to murder each other.

These are the people who run our schools and demand more perks for substandard performance.

These are the people who willingly allow refugees and Illegals to inhabit our towns and cities and break Federal, State and Local laws and murder our citizens.

The world is teaming with violence and the Democrats want to import it.

This is willful and with intent, not so different from Hillary's email scandal. the IRS, EPA, DOJ and DHS. How convenient these agencies are filled with Obama's ideologues.

Have we become so blind to evil and debauchery that we actually allow people like this to run our nation and teach our children about LGBT lifestyles in elementary schools.

What we have is a revolutionary, black violence movement bent on killing innocent people. And guess what, it's has the blessing of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party.

It is far past the time to take back our nation from evil. 

We have become the Sodom and Gomorrah of the modern age.

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