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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


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theodore  M I R A L D I.

Whatever your positions on the issues there was one clear winner...the Voters. Once you remove the spin by the policy wonks and the hyperbole' from the ideologues we finally had the opportunity to look closer at the candidates. 

Here's My Take:

Hillary Clinton a life long political progressive brought her playbook to the showdown. The same playbook used by the majority of the Democrat Party in almost every election in this nation for decades. She has mastered the jargon of her trade and has spend nearly 3 decades honing her skills. 

What we got, was exactly what we had expected. Boring policy babble that most who are not in the political sphere have no understanding.

She speaks in fractured metaphors, so you can never know what she truly maens.  Built into her narrative are back stories that include the ability to claim plausible deniability. Such as her use of a private server, "If I could do it again, I would do it differently." I'm sure a murderer on Death Row probably would say the same. Not doing it would have been what the public should demand.

It seems somewhat ludicrous for a person who judges everyone in the harshest terms, would have little forgiveness in her heart if a subordinate jeopardized her security. Her entire campaign is based on being personal, and emotive to turn the hearts of the voters. Unfortunately when you give her your heart, your body dies.

Hillary is an opportunist and along with her deceit comes a manipulative nature. We see it in all of her dealings and throughout her career. Hillary with all her policy chops actually took the low road with vicious accusations mostly proven untrue. This was textbook radical confrontation from a politician who has gotten much and done very little for the little people she says that she champions.

Just look at the inner cities in this nation, filled with the suffering little people throughout Hillary's non-productive career.


Donald Trump is a man without a party. What Trump does have is the heart of a nation that has said, We've had enough! Anyone who is disappointed with his learning curve is making much ado about nothing. This election is about competence and the honor and duty of serving this nation. Trump is a fixer when the nation needs to be fixed, and points to Hillary's blunders in past policy and Foreign Affairs. Example her idiotic sarcasm about defeating Isis. All we need to do is to go to her website.

I must admit Trump missed numerous opportunities to seal the deal. But it won't matter. Trump has the pulse of the nation against an opponent that is dead on arrival.

Trump proved he's the right person for the job, Hillary has validated what we already knew, Hillary will lie, cheat or steal to win.

She's an embarrassment to our nation and the patriots who have given there all, while Hillary did nothing. Benghazi alone disqualifies her from the most powerful seat in the world.

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