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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Socio-Political Commentary/

Socio-Political Commentary/ has been publishing political news since 2009. In the last 7 years we have published over 12,000 Articles and Editorials written by many of the top Journalists from Around the World that are archived and accessible to our readers. We make a sincere effort to verify our sources and facts. 

It's unfortunate that there are some platforms that no longer believe in Free Speech and are affiliated with one party, or the other. Although we are an Independent News Source we are truly geared to Social Conservatism. Doing the right thing, makes us a better nation. Some think doing the right thing requires no oversight, or criticism. We don't! Wasting our nations treasure should be viewed as poor policy and management regardless of party.

Transparency must be more than rhetoric used to win elections. Honor, Duty and Integrity must be practiced while representing America's Citizens.

Socio-Political Commentary/ promises to continue to bring you the News that may make you feel uncomfortable, but Need to Know. 

theodore M I R A L D I.

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