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Sunday, November 13, 2016

CONWAY: Obama, Clinton Should Call for Calm; Reid should 'BE VERY CAREFUL'

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President-elect Donald Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway on Sunday called on Democratic leaders -- including President Obama and Hillary Clinton -- to publicly call for an end to violent protests over Trump’s election victory, while warning outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to “be very careful” about his personal attacks on Trump.
“I am calling for responsibility and decency. I hope President Obama says, ‘Cut it out,'" Conway said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Everybody is looking for a peaceful transition, and you have the Senate minority leader acting like a garden variety political pundit.”
"I think that the president of the United States, Secretary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, perhaps, others can come forward and ask for calm and ask for a peaceful transition and ask their supporters, which are masquerading as protesters now -- many of them professional and paid by the way, I'm sure -- ask them to give this man a chance so that this country can flourish," she said.
Conway warned Reid, a Nevada Democrat retiring from the Senate in January, to “be very careful about characterizing someone in a legal sense” regarding his attacks on Trump, but said she was not suggesting legal action was pending.
Reid on Friday said Trump has the responsibility for healing a divided, post-election American and that he was “a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate.”
The protests in major U.S. cities, on college campuses, outside Trump Tower in New York City and elsewhere across the country have included flag burnings and other violence, including a man being shot during a protest Saturday in Portland, Ore.
In the wide-ranging interview, Conway also downplayed Trump’s comment late last week to the Wall Street Journal that he’d consider amending ObamaCare.
As the Republican presidential nominee, Trump on Tuesday defeated  Democratic rival Clinton in an upset victory that in large part included a promise to Americans to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare, President Obama’s struggling, signature health care plan.
Conway offered that Trump said he would consider amending ObamaCare, “out of respect” for the president, after meeting with him Thursday at the White House.
“Mr. Trump has made it very clear what his health care plan would look like, and it’s not ObamaCare,” she told Fox News.
She reiterated that Trump still plans to get rid of the plan’s financial penalty for failing to buy health insurance and to now allow customers to buy plans across state lines.
Conway also suggested that Trump will call a special session on the issue on January 20, the day he is inaugurated.
She declined to say exactly when Trump will announce his choice for chief of staff, after saying Saturday that the decision was “imminent.”

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