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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Urge Trump to RESCUE Kids from Federal CORRUPTION

Exclusive: Linda Harvey is hopeful new president will put boys back into the boys' room


I could never have written this column to President-elect Hillary Clinton. She claimed to be an advocate for children, but many voters were too aware of her contradictory track record.
But Trump has already indicated he leans toward rescuing schools from leftist, government-directed activism. Our children deserve a reprieve from grand social experiments.
I do wish Trump would fight to restore natural marriage, however. His “60 Minutes” comments were troubling. He said that issue is “settled.”
No, it isn’t.
Yet Trump has pledged to rescind Obama’s unlawful executive orders, so we hope that among those will be the directive to allow gender-confused students into opposite sex school bathrooms.
By contrast, Hillary’s history of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual activism is legendary, and it’s truly a blessing that she will not be able to extend the harm already underway through Obama’s sexual and gender agenda directed to children.
GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, mourns the election of Trump, and that should make all concerned parents ecstatic. Here’s what Eliza Byard, executive director, sent out in a newsletter on Nov. 9:
“I won’t try to sugarcoat this: what happened yesterday is not OK. LGBTQ youth face losing the federal civil rights protections provided by the Obama administration, like the Title IX guidance. Any hope of passing federal LGBTQ-inclusive legislation in the next few years is gone. And our Supreme Court may well be packed with justices who will challenge our work to create LGBTQ-inclusive schools for decades to come.”
And all I can say is, Praise the Lord for the children whose lives will not be ruined by being fast-tracked into sexual mistakes and confusion.
Byard followed up with another bitter and inaccurate email Nov. 14, where she accused Trump supporters of violent incidents:
“You’ve no doubt heard about the reports of bullying and harassment happening in schools across our country since the election.”
Similar false leftist narratives may continue, but let’s hope this new administration deals with facts instead of special-interest, unsubstantiated victimology.
Trump said in an interview with the Washington Post in May he would rescind the Obama mandate that opens school bathrooms and locker rooms to allow both boys and girls. This intentional, unlawful distortion of Title IX law has prompted 23 state lawsuits against the Obama administration.
Trump said the bathroom mandate should be revoked to send the issue back to local communities to resolve. If he follows through, he would make thousands of schools extremely happy.
Hillary anticipated partying with Cecile Richards to keep the flow of adolescent girls coming into Planned Parenthood clinics. Many are referred by local schools under increasingly obscene “comprehensive sex education” curricula, inaccurately labeled “pregnancy prevention.”
Hillary even had plans to force taxpayers to pay for abortions. But that won’t be happening, and Planned Parenthood is extremely unhappy because Trump has pledged to defund the abortion giant.
Are you cheering with me yet? Let’s urge Trump to please keep this pledge.
Under Obama, the federal teaching tools recommended for sexuality education have not focused on sexual risk avoidance but often push “LGBTQ” behaviors and normalize hook-up sex among teens. Many teach vulgar slang for sexual functions, demonstrate condom use, endorse gender rebellion and facilitate abortion as the quick solution for teen promiscuity.
These curricula promoted by the HHS Office of Adolescent Health mostly avoid abstinence as a core standard. The program list needs a thorough housecleaning by experts who don’t privately think teen sex is cool. We need adults in charge, at last, who truly care about the future of our country’s youth and recognize the high-risk consequences of too-early intimacy and unnatural sex practices.
Remember Hillary’s book, “It Takes a Village” (to raise a child)? Her radical policies will not have the chance to jeopardize your child’s future without parental permission, praise the Lord.
So as Trump implements school choice (terrific plan!), it would be wonderful to also end all federal intrusion into local schools under the excuse of “civil rights.” The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice have grossly exceeded their authority in recent years and need to be called back to Washington.
“Tell these kids to embrace homosexuality and gender confusion, or else our civil rights division will sue your school!” is the helpful approach initiated by Obama. Hillary had plans to keep this going.
In fact, when the Trump administration tackles this, can we simply get rid of the Department of Education altogether? It does more harm than good, and if the federal government under Trump’s leadership still decides local schools require federal funding, there are more efficient ways to simply cut checks to local school districts.
Or not. Perhaps we could return accountability to parents, communities and states.
So let’s urge the Trump administration to revoke the bogus advisory letter sent by the Departments of Education and Justice last spring to all U.S. schools, adding new meanings to Title IX.
Hillary was completely on board, and would have with continued and expanded the gender pretender experiment with other people’s minor children as the guinea pigs.
But this application of Title IX is unlawful, illegitimate and tyrannical. Obama threatened to cut school funds unless schools bent over for this rhetorical rape by Uncle Sam.
And speaking of assault, Title IX is also the new tool to insert federal attorneys into cases of campus sexual assault. These are now “civil rights” cases – not just crimes. Sigh … is there no end to all the newly- invented “civil rights”?
It is my hope the Trump administration can bring some sanity to the table, so that laws can once again be applied as originally intended.
Trump has expressed a deep respect for the Constitution. We are all counting on his consistent application of that respect throughout his administration.
So I hope our new president, supported by an historic voter turnout by evangelicals, will roll back the federal promotion of high-risk behavior to our nation’s youth.
Our children, and their children, will be thankful.


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