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Friday, December 16, 2016

OpEd: Democrats ASSAULT Our Constitutional REPUBLIC

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The American Public is well endowed with a healthy dose of skepticism. It's why we fall for leaders that play to our fears, and promise hope. What we haven't been very good at is identifying Intent.

For many years the Democrat Party has played on our personal feelings and individual wants to solidify power. This has worked well for them. The only thing that has stopped them from reversing
the Intent of our Constitution was an educated voter base making it impossible for any party to control the government.

This has been the driving force of Open Borders and no Voter Identification. Their intent was a to segue our nation into a Democracy (One person, One vote) and away from a Constitutional Republic filled with checks and balances preventing dominance by any one Group or Region of the nation.

What has happened in 2016 is clear. The Democrats have broken the Hypocrisy Scale. Even while controlling the Media and spending over a Billion Dollars to get Hillary Clinton elected, the overdose of profound lying by Democrats at all government levels has soured their mission. Just in the nick of time!

Much to the dismay of  the New World Order also known as Globalism promoters who need The United States to bow to International Chaos controlled by a growing number of Hostile States and the United Nations Demagogues.

The Democrat Party is in full destruction mode. On the one hand they actively subvert our laws, and on the other, they preach out of context statutes to weaken our Founding Documents.

Obama and his Band of Subversives have dutifully followed the founding principles of Socialists and Communists in their efforts to Destabilize and Overburden our systems of Social and Economic Security, and weaken our National Defense.

This has become painfully evident when one takes a look at Obama's policies supported by the Democrat Party.

The arrogance of this administration began with the ObamaCare vote in the Senate. How a Democrat Party in the majority changed Senate rules to get the bill passed. How in the final hours in the middle of the night Obama bribed a Democrat Senator opposed to the Bill to get the 51st vote to pass. Mind you. not one Republican voted for this bill, nor were the Republicans concerns listened to by the Democrats.

This act alone showed the intent of a rogue government willing to change, or break rules and laws to get their way. Americans waited and watched as Obama trashed Congress with Executive Orders regarding standing Federal Rules and Laws on Immigration.

The Democrats have acted like a Foreign Entity that has infiltrated our government. They talk about the rights of the people, but actually mean only the people who support their policies. Hurting one American to serve another is a Slippery Slope that Democrats have in the past, faced little or no consequence for.

It took an Extraordinary Effort by the electorate to right the Ship of State. What plays well to the Democrats is continuing to parse every conceivable excuse for their loss.

What the American Public can rely on is, no outside interference by any Foreign entity had any effect on the election results, or voter integrity.

But let's be perfectly clear, the Democrats have continuously tried to win this election through domestic subversion.

Populous voting outcomes are the bane of many nations always in domestic turmoil and upheaval. Thank God our Founding Fathers' had the insight to prevent Democratic Populism alone to decide our future.

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