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Friday, December 30, 2016

OpEd: Obama. The MAN/CHILD President

theodore M I R A L D I.

The enigma that is Obama is coming to a crashing halt. Our half Black, half White, half Capitalist, half Socialist President has been a puzzle that has confused voters and pundits alike.

The giggly educator that people loved to hate, and hated to love is finally on his tumultuous way out the door.  And not a moment too soon.

This petulant president is the social warrior of those who may, or may not have been victimized. After all, he sees himself as a victim, raised and educated on the Public Teet. Molded by the Mongrels
of Hate and fine tuned at Harvard. A First Generation African who implies he knows the suffering of slavery in the US some 151 years after Emancipation.

Even after 8 years of Obama we really know little about him.

This is the President with little to no past.

Americans with their Guns and Bibles took a leap of faith and gave a man with dubious credentials a chance. It's what Americans do.

Sorry to say, Obama and his Administration will go down as the most corrupt government in American History. And for those who refuse facts to validate their narratives, too much propaganda
has hacked into your common sense.

Obama is more of a Cult Figure than a World Leader to his admirers. The smile, the whimsical repartee resurrects our adolescence hidden beneath our adulthood.

Being the CEO of a nation requires hard work, something Obama never learned in school. His redistribution of wealth was the act of a Sugar Daddy mentality usually attached to Dictators and not serious administrators of the Public Wealth, or Trust. 

It will take decades to reverse the abuse of Taxpayer Dollars and National Debt accrued by Obama's Give-Aways. We actually gave the checkbook to a stranger.

The only hope left, is that the days left of his reign goes without further embarrassment to our Nation and its people.

The proof of his ineptness is strewn across the nation at people, mostly white people who voted for this car-salesman out of the goodness of their hearts and souls. What he has left us is a barrage of insults leveled against each of us, as well as our allies and pitted Americans of all hues against common sense and fair play.

Exit Stage Left....Please!

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