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Monday, January 2, 2017

Pelosi: GOP’s Rush to REPEAL Obamacare is ‘ACT of COWARDICE’


Cowardice is Passing the Largest Piece of Legislation in Modern History in the Middle of the Night.

Cowardice is telling Legislators to sign the ACA without Reading It first.

Cowardice is not having ONE Vote from Opposition Party.

Cowardice is Bribing a Democrat Senator to sign the Bill.

Cowardice is continually Lying to the Public about Keeping your Plan and Doctor.

So Obama, Pelosi and the party of LIARS truly know COWARDICE IS THE IMAGE IN THE MIRROR...tmiraldi

Republicans say relief is needed from president’s signature law

Tom Howell Jr.

House Democrats lobbed a preemptive salvo Monday against Republicans itching to kick-start their Obamacare repeal effort once the new Congress gavels in, calling the effort an “act of cowardice” and reckless “assault” on health care for millions and conservative orthodoxy alike, since repeal is projected to raise the deficit.
They also said Republicans would pay a political price in their rush to dismantle President Obama’s signature domestic achievement, now that the GOP will be playing with live bullets alongside President-elect Donald Trump after years of political maneuvering.
“You break it, you own it,” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said.
Stung by a November election that handed Republicans the keys to health reform, Democrats are scrambling to combat the GOP’s plans to use a fast-track budget tool to gut the Affordable Care Act on majority votes in either chamber — bypassing a Democratic filibuster in the Senate — within the first few months of 2017, even though they haven’t settled on a replacement.
The effort is the number-one priority for Republicans who’ve railed against Obamacare for years but were unable to unwind it, so long as its namesake was in office.
That will change on Tuesday, when the GOP gavels in the 115th Congress with majorities in both chambers with the promise of a willing partner in Mr. Trump, who will take office Jan. 20 with an eye toward dismantling key parts of his predecessor’s legacy.
Muscled into law by Democratic majorities in 2010, the health overhaul extended coverage to more than 20 million and drove the uninsured rate to an historic low by expanding Medicaid coverage for the poor in dozens of states and doling out taxpayer-funded subsidies to low and middle-income customers on web-based insurance exchanges.
Democrats on Monday argued the law’s benefits extend far beyond those millions, from ensuring that sick Americans can get covered to reducing prescription drug costs for seniors and allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ health plans.
“The purpose of the ACA was to lower costs, to improve benefits and to increase access. The ACA has made transformative progress in doing all three,” Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, said.
Yet Republicans say Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight, as insurers flee its web-based exchanges and premiums in the individual market jump by double digits, so it is time to fulfill its campaign promise and provide immediate “relief” from heavy mandates and coverage requirements alongside Mr. Trump, who has publicly backed their plans.
Gutting the law without a replacement in hand will imperil coverage for millions, Democrats contend, since more insurers could flee the politically doomed exchanges while Republicans rely on a multi-year transition period to coalesce around a plan that uses market forces to entice people into coverage, instead of unpopular mandates from Washington.
Mrs. Pelosi said the GOP’s decision to delay the second half of its “repeal and replace” strategy will backfire, since they will need to peel off several Senate Democrats to overcome a filibuster of their plan.
“Where are they gonna get the votes to ‘replace?’” she said.
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, riffing on Mr. Trump’s famous campaign slogan, said the uncertain strategy will “make America unhealthy again.”
“Six years demanding immediate repeal, and no alternative to replace it,” Mr. Hoyer said. “The truth is, they don’t have one.”
Democrats said repeal would also cause financial problems for Uncle Sam.
Obamacare raises revenue through tax penalties tied to its insurance mandates, fees on insurers and levies on high earners and some investment income. It also captures hundreds of billions in savings by slowing the rate of growth in certain Medicare payments.
The Congressional Budget Office in 2015 — during a major Supreme Court showdown over the law’s subsidies — said repealing Mr. Obama’s overhaul would hike the deficit by $137 billion in 2016-2015.
House Republicans will take up a rules package Tuesday that allows members to raise a point of order against certain types of legislation that increase direct spending by $5 billion or more, though it carved out an exception for “repealing” or “reforming” Obamacare.
“They really admit that by repealing the Affordable Care Act, it will increase costs,” Mrs. Pelosi said.
Moving forward, Mr. Obama will huddle with House and Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill Wednesday to discuss their fight against the repeal effort during his final two weeks in office.
Then, Mr. Obama will sit down with media outlet Vox on Friday to discuss Obamacare’s “substantive successes and failures, and the political and policy obstacles to come for both Republicans planning to repeal and replace it and Democrats hoping to defend it,” according to a Vox press release.
Also Sen. Bernard Sanders, Vermont independent, and Democratic congressional leaders have called for nationwide rallies during a “day of action” on Jan. 15 to decry the repeal and potential plans to replace Medicare’s open-ended entitlement for seniors with a premium-support model favored by House Speaker Paul D. Ryan.


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM EST

    Anyone remember this: "We need to pass it, to see what is in it." OR How about this: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that Obamacare facilitates the type of “liberation” that the “Founders had in mind” because it allows you to quit your job and become a “photographer,”  a “writer,” a “musician”--or “whatever.”
    “As you hear from these stories, this is a liberation,” Pelosi said at a Capitol Hill news conference Thursday.
    “This is what our founders had in mind--ever expanding opportunity for people.
    “You want to be a photographer or a writer or a musician, whatever --  an artist, you want to be self-employed, if you want to start a business, you want to change jobs, you no longer are prohibited from doing that because you can’t have access to health care, especially because you do not want to put your family at risk,” she said.

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM EST

    This loon is brain dead. I swear these liberals need to get therapy. They are still throwing their hissy fit because their corrupt, criminal, evil woman didn't get in. When are these politicians going to get the message that it is the AMERICAN PEOPLE who own them. They are out of control. They work for us, not the other way around like they have been for years.