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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Dire results when government is your GOD

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If I paid attention to the news, which unfortunately I do, the world might look like it is spinning out of control. The political left has launched a perpetual election campaign, because they didn’t get their way this fall.
Western governments continue to elevate the welfare of illegal immigrants above that of their own citizens, even when their error is obvious and grievous. Election recriminations by the losers have extended to other nations, perhaps to demonstrate the left’s utter and complete folly to the entire world.
The left’s world is crumbling. Government is their god, and they have now been separated from the levers of power. Their god will no longer hear their prayers. It is easy to believe that in their anger and rage they will lash out against anyone and everyone who does not humor them.
But don’t do that.
The situation is only hopeless if we forget what we knew just after the election. The first Republican primary debate featured the top 10 candidates in prime time and another seven in a separate debate. By the time the primary elections were over, Donald Trump had vanquished 16 Republican challengers.
Trump also overcame the corporate-elitist big-media election money machine, which acts as a mouthpiece for one-world-elitist government. He beat the public pollsters, whose real job – in cahoots with big media – is to convince the rest of us that the elitist endorsed, sponsored, protected and financed candidate has already won, so don’t waste your time voting on Election Day.
Trump withstood election recounts and lawsuits by the 1-percenter Green Party candidate. He withstood threats and pressure against the Electoral College and its members. And he withstood the perpetual campaign launched by the left against all the rest of us.
Finally, he beat the Clinton machine, which was desperate to regain the White House to cover decades of corruption and influence-peddling. Their plan was to be in a position of power and have time to clean up the criminal mess they created.
So, as we enter the New Year, be of good cheer! Consider the likelihood that any candidate could have beaten such odds and gone on to become president and form his Cabinet with like-minded individuals.
I wrote on several occasions before this election that Donald Trump would be elected president, because the creator-God of the universe has decided to put him there, now.
At base, that is what terrifies the left. The God they despise has once again shown that He controls the destiny of nations as well as individuals. Leftists may not know it, but their fear is not what Donald Trump will do as president. Their fear is what God will do among the rest of us.
Don’t be like them. There is no need to fear God’s purposes in the world. In fact, those who fear Him the most are the best-positioned to receive His blessings, when the scales fall from their eyes and the normal functioning of their minds are returned to them.

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