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Friday, February 3, 2017

CRYING Schumer: Public SUPPORTS Travel Ban

Here's Something For Schumer To Cry About: Polls Show Public Backs Trump's Travel Ban

Terrorism: After nearly a week of nonstop protests and vicious denunciations, the unhinged opponents of President Trump's terror-related travel suspension have managed to sway almost no one. Three polls show that far more Americans support Trump's executive order than oppose it.
If you haven't heard of these polls, don't kick yourself. The mainstream press isn't exactly parading them around.
The Trump-hating Huffington Post's poll, conducted by YouGov and released on Thursday, shows that only 44% of the public opposes Trump, while 48% back him and another 8% aren't sure. (You have to scroll far down Huffington Post's main page to find it.)
Not surprisingly, support for Trump's action is incredibly strong among Republicans — 72% of whom "strongly approve" it. What is surprising is that more than 1 in 5 Democrats (21%) say they either strongly or somewhat approve the temporary ban.
More interesting still is the fact that a majority of middle-income families and those living in the Midwest back Trump — 51% and 52%, respectively. (Remember when Democrats used to claim to represent these people?)
The earlier Reuters/Ipsos poll had similar findings: with 41% who oppose Trump's executive order, while 48% back it and another 10% don't know. Among independents, only 36% disagreed with Trump. Reuters found that 23% of Democrats express their support.
The Reuters poll also found that a substantial majority of the public (66%) agrees that, in general, the U.S. should "limit the number of refugees allowed into the country."
And these results come despite the fact that the wording of the poll questions was clearly biased.
The Reuters poll asked: "Do you agree or disagree with the Executive Order that President Trump signed blocking refugees and banning people from seven Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S.?" Notice that there's no mention of the countries involved, or their connection to terrorism.
The Huffington Post poll at least names the countries in its question, but fails to include the reason for Trump's temporary ban.
Look what happens when that vital information is included.
Rassmussen asked those polled whether they support a temporary ban on refugees and visas from those seven countries — which it names — "until the federal government improves its ability to screen out potential terrorists from coming here."
The result: a solid majority supports Trump — 57% back a temporary halt on refugees and 56% ban a temporary block on visas.
So, even biased poll questions can't get anywhere near half the public to oppose Trump. And his executive order gets significant majority support when it is accurately described.
So we ask: Who are the extremists here?
Is it President Trump, who instituted this perfectly justifiable pause — in an admittedly poorly executed way — on refugees and travel from those living in terror-prone countries, to give federal agencies the time to evaluate current safeguards against terrorist infiltration?
Or is it those Democrats — including a weepy Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who called Trump's action "un-American" — along with various business leaders, foreign leaders, protesters and the mainstream press, who took to the airports, the airwaves and the internet to wildly mislead the public and denounce Trump as a modern-day Hitler?
The answer should be obvious.

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