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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward

 Daniel Halper

President Trump has offered the vacant national security adviser posting at the White House to Vice Adm. Robert Harward, according to multiple reports Wednesday.
Harward, a former Navy SEAL and deputy commander of US Central Command, has not yet accepted the offer, Foreign Policy reports.
Instead, Harward asked the commander-in-chief for a few days to consider the offer.
Harward, the reports states, is expected to accept the offer — and would also to bring his own team to take over for Michael Flynn, who resigned earlier this week after misleading administration officials about his contact with Russian officials.
Harward would come to the job with experience in the White House, having served on the National Security Council staff under President George W. Bush.
Despite not being a Trump campaign hand, he also would come to the job with an ally in the administration. Harward served under now-Defense Secretary James Mattis when he was head of Central Command.

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  1. Hhmmmmm... I just had the onset of the tiniest bit of foreboding. My hopes were rising, this may bring deflation. I pray to Jesus that these top ranking gentlemen are not the e executioners taking position... To be sure they've come to reestablish the Constitution, right????? Just saying ... It is the DOD, CIA, etc that possess, suppress, and practice operation of the advanced technology weaponry that facilitates the current covert terrorism against innocent citizens that is taking place. Hold them in Your hands, Lord Jesus, I pray.