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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Keep Giving the FAKERS Hell, Donald

Frauds’ outrage more bogus news

Howie Carr

Keep blasting the fake news media, Mr. President!
It’s great stuff. We love it. There’s nothing wrong with calling out these lying alt-left frauds. On the question of calling out one’s enemies, Harry S. Truman once summed it up well.

“I never did give them hell,” he said. “I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”
If you were watching the also-ran cable news channels Friday afternoon, you would have thought a disaster on the magnitude of a combined 9/11 and Pearl Harbor had just occurred at the Trump White House.

“Appalling!” said the fake news Washington Post.
“Unprecedented!” hissed the very fake news Clinton News Network.
What had happened was, several of the alt-left media outlets had been turned away from an informal White House press briefing.

One of those banned was the failing New York Times. Earlier this month, a New York Times reporter slurred the immigrant First Lady of the United States as a “hooker.” Last week an equally deranged Times columnist called the president a “cancer.”
So, the fair-and-balanced Times was turned away from an off-the-record get-together. Obviously, it’s the end of the Republic.

Hours earlier, at the CPAC convention, Trump had again expressed his unequivocal support of the Bill of Rights.

“I love the First Amendment,” he told the crowd. “Nobody loves it better than me. Nobody. I mean, who uses it more than I do? ... It gives you the right, and me the right, to criticize fake news, and criticize it strongly.”
Exactly. It’s astonishing that he, or anyone else, has to endure the slings and arrows of the forked-tongue alt-left media, always more than a little shady, but now totally out-of-the-closet corrupt.

Another Democrat agitprop outlet banned from Friday’s press briefing was very fake CNN. This is the CNN of Jake Tapper, a politician with a press pass, to use the late New York mayor Ed Koch’s description of an earlier bought-and-paid-for partisan.
Tapper used to flack for a Democrat Congresswoman named Mezvinsky. Her husband, another hack solon, went to prison for massive bank fraud. Their son is married to Chelsea Clinton, whose parents used to employ George Stephanopoulos, now a $13-million-a-year “journalist” for ABC “News.”

ABC also employs Martha Raddatz, who was once married to the son of JFK’s bootlicking sycophant Ben Bradlee, and whose second marriage was attended by none other than Barack Obama. Remember on election night how Martha was losing it, her voice cracking, as she reported on the loss of her idol, St. Hillary?
In the satchel, much?

Among those blasting Trump for his anti-fake news tirades is Chuck Todd of NBC, who is yet another Democrat hack masquerading as a reporter. Todd used to work for ex-Sen. Tom Harkin, another stolen-valor Democrat senator. (Harkin bragged about having been a combat pilot in Vietnam — a total lie.)

As moderator of “Meet the Press,” Todd succeeded David Gregory, now at very-fake-news CNN. Gregory’s wife is a lawyer who last year represented four of Hillary’s aides in the FBI investigation that was bagged after Bill Clinton met on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport with Obama’s attorney general. (That story was broken by a local TV reporter in Arizona, because the pajama boys in the White House press corps never, ever break stories about Democrat corruption.)

The head of that alleged FBI “probe,” by the way, was a G-man named Andrew McCabe, whose wife ran in 2015 as a Democrat candidate for the Virginia state senate. During her bust-out run, Mrs. G-man took $467,000 from Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an ex-Clinton, uh, bundler, who in 1999 put up $1.35 million for the purchase of their fabulous mansion in Chappaqua, N.Y.
Just remember, these are the paragons of ethics and morality who say Donald Trump is corrupt.

On Friday, when some of the alt-left hacks were banned from the White House press “gaggle,” other fake news media outlets refused to attend the briefing as a show of solidarity for their comrades. Among them, Time magazine, which recently tweeted out the fake news that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office.
Also boycotting in sympathy for their fellow travelers: the AP, which last week reported the fake news that Trump was planning to mobilize 100,000 National Guardsmen to deport mass numbers of illegal aliens. (Would that it were, as John Kerry would say, would that it were … .)

Reporting on the whole brouhaha yesterday for the Times was a “reporter” who has at least admitted that he is a partisan hack, Glenn Thrush. In at least one case, as we know from Wikileaks, this crack reporter obsequiously allowed Clinton sleaze John Podesta to approve his copy for fake-news Politico, with the groveling caveat, “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this.”

Fake news, fake reporters, fake outrage. But the alt-left frauds promoting this BS — they’re real. Too real.
Give ’em hell Donald!


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