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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why Dems Will REGRET a PROBE Into Russian Election Hacking

 John Crudele

The investigation of Russian interference in the US election could turn into a big headache for the Democrats. The phrase “Be careful what you ask for” comes to mind.
For months before the presidential election, I explained why the Democrats were making a big mistake by picking Hillary Clinton as their candidate. And I correctly predicted that she would lose.
The Democrats didn’t listen, and now their party is in shambles. They aren’t going to listen to me now either about the unintended consequences of an investigation of the Russians, but I’m going to explain anyway.
One of the reasons I predicted Hillary would lose was that the Russians had hacked her e-mails — along with those of some other Democratic Party higher-ups.
A very reliable source told me that the Russians did it, through a proxy and — this is the important part — that the National Security Agency had hacked the Russians while the Russians were hacking Hillary.
So, everything the Russians have, the NSA also has. And, as I said back then, the NSA offered those hacked e-mails — including Hillary’s — to the FBI, which declined the offer.
Everyone now agrees with me that the Russians did, indeed, hack Hillary. In fact, Clinton herself treated this as a fait accompli — something that had actually happened — when she started to address what was in those e-mails. She said the 30,000 or so messages were mostly discussions about yoga and daughter Chelsea’s wedding.
That, of course, is absurd.
Only Hillary really knows what’s in those 30,000 e-mails because they never came out, although they were supposed to.
WikiLeaks, which dumped hundreds of thousands of Democrats’ e-mails onto its site, never had one e-mail that came from Hillary or was sent to her.
WikiLeaks had promised what it called the fourth phase of e-mail dumps the week before the election, but that’s the only promise it didn’t keep. So, what happened? My guess is that President Obama’s stern warning to Vladimir Putin caused the Russian president to stop the promised leak of Hillary’s personal e-mails.
Any investigation of the Russian hacking is liable to result in Hillary’s e-mails being read, and perhaps released.
The other possibility is even more likely. Putin could get annoyed by the firestorm over his interference in the US election and decide to have the surrogate he had do the hacking release Hillary’s e-mails.
Imagine how quickly attention will shift if we suddenly have Hillary ’s e-mails about Obama, Bill Clinton, donations to the Clinton Foundation and many other topics.

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