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Monday, May 29, 2017


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Bill O'Reilly May 25, 2017

The biggest story today is this leak to The New York Times about the bombing in Manchester. Now this is outrageous. So what happened was that the British Secret Service sent to our CIA, I assume, pictures of the bomb used to kill 22 people at the Manchester Arena. 

The New York Times got those pictures and printed them from somebody in the CIA, you would assume. I don't think any other agencies are involved with this. It's got to be the Central Intelligence Agency.

So the pictures were of the trigger and the mechanisms inside, how it was mounted, all of that. 

The British say, look we know that certain bomb makers operate in a certain way. And so these pictures were helping us identify who made the bomb. And now that they're in the New York Times, the bomber knows what we know. 
So this huge. Huge. 

So the prime minister, May, of Great Britain, says, well we might not be able to share any other intel with the USA because of all the leaks. 

Now, this is being de-emphasized by the liberal press, including the New York Times, which printed it. 

But this is emblematic of what is happening under President Trump. There are people who do not like him working at the CIA, NSA, all the big agencies, FBI, and they are leaking stuff.

Now does this hurt President Trump? Not really. Personally, but it does give his administration a black eye with Great Britain because it happened on his watch. Now Trump is screaming, we have to get the FBI to locate these leakers and prosecute them. 

Even the British authorities are saying, hey we want these people prosecuted. 

The best article on this is at So that website, when it's hard news reporting, they're very good. When it's opinion reporting, not so good because they don't like Trump. But this article pointing out why this was so damaging that British Prime Minister Theresa May had to call Trump and say, what's going on? Or what the hell is going on? You guys can't keep anything secret. It's leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks.

This is a huge story. It really is because it's sabotage. That's what's happening here. And American government is being sabotaged from people working within it in conjunction with the hate-Trump media, which will print anything. Very disturbing to me as an American citizen, not just a journalist, because I'm in the business. If somebody gives me those pictures, I do not put them on the air or in a newspaper. I do not.

Somebody leaks stuff to me, I want to know the motivation of the leak. If it's very important for you to know it, I find a way to get it to you. I do that, but it's just not like a knee jerk, whatever I'm given I'm throwing out. And that's what's happening. I mean, just really, really horrible. 

Now the British intelligence agency, M15, they got tipped on this bomber Salman Abedi. They got tipped on him but they didn't move. Now again, same thing happened in the Boston Marathon bombing with U.S. authorities. It's hard. They get so many tips, so many of these people, it's hard to run them all down, take them all in. So I'm not blaming M15. But they got tipped on him and now they've arrested his father and brother in Libya who apparently all three of them are in the ISIS crew. And there are eight altogether arrested now. 

I knew from the jump, as soon as I heard this, this wasn't some lone nut. I mean this is a sophisticated bomb. So all across Europe they're rounding up ISIS people. This is what always happens. OK. It always happens. 

Now in the midst of all of this, you've got President Trump in Europe. 

So yesterday you've got the Manchester bombing investigation and you've got Mr. Trump with the Pope, which I still haven't seen any good coverage of. I guess the meetings are private, but I don't get what the dialogue was there. I am not seeing any good reportage. And I'd like to know. 

So in the midst of this big story, terror story, in England and the president speaking to the Pope and then going to NATO in Belgium, what do I see on CNN? White House in crisis. This is what they're doing. This is what their lead was last night. 

I mean, I'm saying to myself, am I not living in the real world anymore? White House in crisis. What crisis? What crisis? 

There is an investigation going on on whether Russians were able to compromise people like General Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort, who worked for Trump briefly in his campaign. Were they able, the Russians, to compromise those people in some way? That's the investigation. OK that's where we are right now. That's a White House in crisis? 

See this is all fake. It is fake. The crisis is being manufactured. Now that being said, it could down the road lead to something more. It's possible. I want to know. Mueller is investigating now, the FBI is investigating, and two congressional committees are investigating. That's four. So I assume we're going to get to the bottom of it. But in the meantime the anti-Trump media is going to gin it up every single crisis, crisis, crisis. And what does that do? It hurts the president's ability to govern. Because he's always on the defensive. 

So I think Trump is doing a pretty good job so far in Europe. I mean, it doesn't look like there's been any faux pas or any of that to me. I'm looking at it from a fairly objective viewpoint. You know, he wants NATO to be more aggressive in the fight against ISIS. I said that from the beginning, and now there's an article in The Wall Street Journal today, you should read, on the op-ed page by the head of NATO saying just what I said.

They need to formalize the fight against ISIS. Declare war on them using Article 5 of the NATO charter. I've said that for years. So now he agrees with me and I'm happy. 

All right so there's a lot of subterfuge going on. But the big, big story so that you know is the leaks. That is a tremendous detriment to the United States. 

Now in response to the hate-Trump media and all the leaking, it seems, and I have not been able to confirm this myself, but I believe it, that the Trump administration is forming a rapid response team so that every day their job will be just to knock down these fallacious stories. That's smart. That's smart. And they should build their own website. And they should be able to get it out fast when things are taken out of proportion, when there is a leak that is false, when the president is attacked unjustifiably. This team should be there immediately to respond with facts. You've got to do with facts, not opinion. So that's being formed. And apparently a couple of Trump administration people actually left Europe to go back to D.C. to get on this train, which is needed. 

A couple of other things caught my eye that you should know about. John Kerry giving a speech at Harvard...and Kerry, like him or not, he's devoted his life to the country. And I know a lot of people don't like him. I know him. I'm kind of in... not in the middle, I don't agree with his politics and I don't think that he sees the world the way that I do. But I think he tried, particularly in Iranian nuke deal. He tried. But he's a partisan. And of course, he doesn't like the Trump administration. Roll the tape:

The worst thing that I could do is insult your intelligence by pretending that it's just smooth sailing for America and for the world. And I refuse to self-consciously twist myself into a pretzel and put on a contrived mantle of bipartisanship that alleges that both parties are to blame for what's going on or not going on, as the case may be. 

All right. So Kerry's view of the world is that we in the Obama administration did a bang up job, and the Trump people are just screwing it up. They don't understand. 

It's partisan. I get it. But John Kerry is smart enough to know the Obama administration did not do a good job in foreign policy. They simply didn't. They had a very well-defined strategy, very well-defined: Don't engage if there's violence, pull back away from violence. 

And then it was only in the last year or so of President Obama's tenure that he started to put people back into the field to defeat ISIS in Iraq, primarily. Afghanistan is a mess. He did use drones to knock out terror leaders. Yes. Did get bin Laden. Yes. But the basic philosophy was retreat, retreat, placate, placate, don't confront. And it was a disaster. 

The worst thing about it was the refugee problem in Europe when the Obama administration would not confront Assad even after he used poison gas the first time, created this unbelievable chaos inside Syria with ISIS and the Russians moved in, and all of this, and all the Syrian people said, I got to get the hell out of here. 

So hundreds of thousands of refugees in the area stormed into Europe and Europe is still dealing with it and it's amazing. It's amazing. I mean, this guy who killed all the kids in Manchester, he is Libyan. He was born in Great Britain but his roots are in Libya. OK. 

So you got the framework of the news today. There was a kind of a brawl in Montana between a Republican running for Congress and a reporter for The Guardian. 

The Guardian is a far-left newspaper in business to terrorize conservatives. 

Apparently this reporter had done this before to this politician and the politician roughed him up. It'll be interesting to see, I think the vote is tomorrow, if the politician wins. He roughed him up, throw him down and whatever. You know, what are you going to do? I don't have any sympathy for the reporter, but you can't be roughing people up. 

All right let's go to Yvonne Maizland in Elon, North Carolina: Bill, I think you're 100% correct in your solution to radical Islamic extremism. The world does need to come together, declare war and work together to eradicate it. That happened in World War I and II but it's not happening now.

It really didn't happen in the wars I and II, Yvonne. You had a lot of people sitting it out. Spain, for example, kind of favored Hitler. Portugal... it wasn't a "Ok, Hitler's bad, Nazis are killers, let's all go get them." It wasn't that

And it'll never be a world consolidated against evil. It just won't. I don't know why. I mean, I'd like to sit down with Putin and say hey, why can't you just knock off the nonsense, team up with the USA to knock out this ISIS crew and the others? You got your own problems in Chechnya. Why can't you do that? 

I'd love to hear the answer to that. But anyway, the world's not going to unite. But we've got to get as many people onboard as possible, which is why NATO should declare war.

Judith Saunders, Toledo, Ohio: Bill, why is every article published in The Washington Post and New York Times believed to be gospel truth?

Because the articles are mainly against the Republicans. So the readership of those two newspapers, primarily Democrats, and they want to believe this stuff. That's why. They have a long history, these two newspapers, and they're quoted and they've got credibility in some precincts, particularly in TV news. And that's why you hear so much about them. 

Jeff Reyes, Fallbrook, California: we are longtime fans here and look forward to seeing you and Dennis Miller in December at the Honda Center in Anaheim. I'm curious to get your take on how the liberal media is working overtime trying to destroy conservative outlets such as your former employer. It's truly out of control. 

It is out of control. And I'm working on this and we will have something for you in a few weeks that is fairly big. It's a very organized campaign to destroy anyone who may give President Trump a fair shake. That's the goal. So Sean Hannity now is getting hammered. They go after sponsors, they pay people to demonstrate, they pay people to lie, they being this organized far-left progressive cabal. We'll name them. You know, we're working at it. It'll happen. But I think everybody knows it's happening now. Certainly Hannity has said quite clearly that they're trying to destroy him, and he's right. They are. They did this to Limbaugh a while back on the Sandra Fluke thing. But now it's way, way more organized and well-funded. Lots of money. 

Patricia Minton, Clyde, North Carolina: what do you think about General Flynn saying he will plead the Fifth? 

I think General Flynn is in trouble. I think he did some stuff with the Russians. Now, could I bring it into a court of law, Patricia, and convict him? No. I could not. So I could be wrong, but it looks to me like Flynn had an unhealthy relationship with the Putin government, whether that rises to anything that's criminal I don't know. But his lawyers are saying, look you've got to take the Fifth because anything you say will be used against you. 

And it will be. If I was the general I'd take the Fifth too. But of all the Trump administration people, General Flynn, former national security adviser, he's the one that has the most danger at this point. 

Let's go to the message boards and Jill is in New Port Richey, Florida: we haven't heard anything about the repeal of Obamacare. What's going on with that? 

It's in the Senate now. The House passed it. The Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said today he doesn't know how he's going to get it passed. That's not encouraging. Not encouraging. So the Senate has got to rework it. This is how our government works. It lumbers along. Lumbers along. So we'll be lucky to see this thing in October. Trump's very frustrated because in his business world things go fast. Not so in government. But that's where it is.

Sanoussi Bah, Windsor, Ontario, in Canada: Bill, I'm a West African Muslim, French speaking Canadian, so not necessarily your favorite demographic. But I find you fascinating, a man of culture, but sometimes insufferable. You would be surprised how conservative West African Muslims are. 

OK but I want you to write me back, Mr. Bah. Insufferable how? Tell me how, because I'll consider that. And not my favorite demographic? West African Muslims? Nothing against West African Muslims. West Africa is basically a peaceful place until you get to Boko Haram in Nigeria and all of that. But those countries, they're not hotbeds of craziness. It's East Africa where the real problems are right now. And look, you're Canadian and I wish you all the best. 

My philosophy has always been this way. I treat everybody the same. I mean, I don't make any judgments on people on their religion, on their color, on their proclivities, privately. All my judgments are made in public arena.

But I appreciate you being a Premium Member and writing to me at 

Richard in Yuba City, California: Bill, I listened to your podcast from May 23rd, that was Tuesday. You mentioned your next killing book would be debuted on May 30th. Did I miss something? 

No, I'm going to tell you the title of the book on May 30th. We're timing it because there's a big book convention in New York City. So we're timing the announcement. And I think you guys are going to be real happy with it. And we finished it. We finish it and now gets edited and laid out and all that. It'll be out mid-September and we will tell you next week what the title is. 

Dennis in Reno, Nevada: just finished Killing the Rising Sun. Great history. It should be required reading in all high school classes. Ordering Old School: Life in the Sane Lane today at nearly 70 years old. I do need a few laughs to balance out the negative news shows.

Absolutely, Dennis. That's why Bruce Feirstein and I wrote Old School. Because we wanted to give you some laughs, but get our point across that the snowflake culture is a danger.
Kelley Bales, Toledo, Oregon. I don't think I've ever been to Toledo, Oregon, Kelly. I worked in Portland but I haven't been to Toledo. Must be east.

Bill, love the podcast. Got my hard cover copy of Killing the Rising Sun, going to give it to my father in law for Father's Day. 

Tremendous. Tremendous. Old School: Life in the Sane Lane, Killing the Rising Sun, both great gifts on Father's Day. 

But an even better gift if you are in Baltimore or Tampa or Vegas or Anaheim, California, those areas, are tickets to see Miller and I in the Spin Stops Here shows.

So we'll be in Baltimore, September 22nd, Friday night, Royal Farms Arena. Tampa, Saturday, September 23rd, Amalie Arena. I'm finally saying that correctly. Then in Vegas on December 15th, Friday night. Anaheim at the Honda Center, California, on Saturday, December 16th. 

If you go to... you’re on the website already, if you go into the show place, whatever they call it, we'll link you right to the box office. And that is a gift that Dad and Granddad will never forget. I always say that, we've been doing that for years and we've never had anybody disappointed. 
One more letter from Anne Lynch, Whiting, New Jersey: I found after reading Old School that I have some snowflake traits.

It's ok, Anne, as long as that's not your dominant philosophy. It's ok to have some snowflake traits. You don't want to be like me, it's a little too rigid on the old school spectrum. 

Now I'm looking at myself, one more thing, we're putting a little camera in here in the No Spin News office. And I'm looking at myself, I look pretty pale. Am I'm going to do this? But you'll be able to see me next week. So next week we'll have a little video beginning on Tuesday, I'm taking the weekend off. 

But review the old podcast, we're going to open them up for everybody by the way. So if you have friends that aren't Bill Premium Members, tell them to check out the podcasts over the Memorial Day weekend because they will be all updated. Now I will be tweeting. I hate to admit it, but I will be tweeting over the weekend. 

But on Tuesday, when you next come in for the No Spin News, you'll be able to see me. I'm here. I've got to comb my hair, I've got to shave, wear a nice shirt. I'm not going to wear a tie though. Got to cut me some slack. 


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