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Saturday, June 3, 2017

America’s Colleges: Where the STUPID Become STUPIDER

Logo for The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. (Evergreen State College/Facebook)

Cheryl K. Chumley

Evergreen State College students — make that Evergreen State College black and minority students — who were angry because a white professor wouldn’t participate in a racist event that banned whiteys from school for a day, were just captured by camera giving voice to their profanity-laced, nonsensical expressions of outrage.
Title it “Giving Voice to Ignorance.” The video soon went viral.
But their stupidity goes even deeper.
Shortly after, these same insane racist students went off in a new direction and demanded, in writing, that the college president, George Bridges, remove the video from social media. Apparently, the racist students at the Washington college didn’t like the fact that their racist stupidity was put on such public display.
Apparently, too, the racist students have no idea how social media works — that online YouTubed videos can’t simply be whisked away at the magic press of a special button, a button which Bridges wouldn’t have, even if one existed.
But racism is ignorant, and so are racists. They wrote, as Breitbart noted: “We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday.”
The video really is an eye-opener. If you’ve not seen it, I highly recommend. Clear the kids from the room before pressing play. It’s not exactly G-rated.
What it is, though, is a marvelous example of why the best and brightest students of America’s high schools should simply consider skipping college. Why risk their intelligence to the dumbed-down who’ve gone off the Occupying rails?
The college campuses of the country have been taken over by angry, entitlement-driven, snowflake-minded, uneducated, untrained, undisciplined masses who use their places of higher learning not so much to — gasp, what a concept — learn, but rather to advance their petulant propaganda campaigns. And they’re aided and abetted all too frequently by socialist-minded professors who pine for their 1960s-era activist youths, and so seek causes to champion at every black, illegal immigrant, female, minority and LGBTQ corner that comes.
Evergreen’s recent student-driven campaign went like this: I’m black, you’re white, so get the freak out.
Or, as one student in the video stood and reminded: My ancestors were slaves. Yours, whitey, weren’t. So get the freak out.
If anger blinds, racism makes stupid. And this is certainly the theme that’s emerging on America’s once-esteemed places of higher learning — the places, by the way, that used to be seen as privileges, not basic human rights, to attend. We need to get back to those days.
One need only peruse a few school-related headlines to see the demise of our college campuses, the political activism of our college professors, the whiny behaviors of our lazy student bodies.
“Profs pledge to ‘decolonize curricula’ to fight ‘privilege,’ ” blasted one headline from Campus Reform, in a story about American University professors concerned about the fate of black female students forces to deal with the “stresses of living amid white supremacy.”
Another, from mid-May from The Blaze: “Liberal college snowflake has epic screaming meltdown after she sees pro-Trump sign on campus.”
Another, from U.S. News & World Report from February: “Free Speech for Liberals Only: The Berkeley student protests against a Breitbart speaker prove there’s no space for dissent against the school’s liberal orthodoxy.”
Another, from Powerline, just this week: “Middlebury Prof Attacked by Mob Still Suffers From Concussion,” a headline for a story giving an update on a Democratic professor assaulted by angry students in March for supporting a college event that featured a conservative political scientist.
That’s but a few.
Enough, though, to give rise to serious consideration of the question: Is there any real learning going on at America’s college campuses these days?
Or is the four-year term that marks the span of post-high school higher learning now consumed completely by fascists bent on training the next generation in the leftist way it should go?
Evergreen students ranting at their white professors and campus president no doubt would feel offense at being labeled and dismissed as ignorant racists. But that’s how they behaved.
So, too, all the other violence-driven student activists and radicals at America’s colleges who either forget, or outright fail to recognize, what a genuine privilege it is to attend school — what a true gift and opportunity this country provides in terms of advancing one’s education. Want to live like a Third World uneducated lout?
There are plenty of places in the world where education, particularly for girls, is on the bottom list of priorities and where it’s really quite easy to skip out on even the most primary levels of schooling.
So note to Evergreen’s angry, and the like-minded on college campuses nationwide: Go. Go, and leave the slots on America’s college campuses for those who really want to learn — for those who don’t want to waste time and lives preparing for the latest agitation, for the latest racist rant and trick of the violent activist trade.
Clearing the colleges of riffraff; bringing back the atmosphere of learning and critical thinking. That’s the direction America needs to take. Absent that, college in America, for the smart crowd, at least, is nothing but a tremendous waste of time and money.

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