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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Liberals Are Anxious-AVOIDANT

Liberals start off by denying real dangers and then get hysterical about imaginary ones.

James Lewis

After years of puzzling about the cultification of the left, which only talks to itself, and then censors even its internal words to conform to PC, I think I've finally hit on the difference between us and them. 
Take me and my sister. (Please!)
I've never understood her, but I've always watched her dodge any words that made her feel anxious. Externally she is a normal, and sufficiently successful person, with grownup children (well, millennials, what do you want?)
But she's got this dodgy style when I ask her any honest question.
So this thing has two parts -- and I think you'll recognize it yourself.
Me: Don't you think Obama is a fraud?
Sister: You can't say that! 
Or: We'll never be able to talk about politics.
Or: Walks out of the room.
Or: You name it.
If she asked me if Trump was a fraud I could give a simple half hour of explanation, but a big part of the liberal anxiety disorder is that they can't stand more than 10 seconds of dissent from the Party Line. Ever try to talk to a dancing Hari Krishna at the airport? Liberals are carbon copies.
So I've finally figured out that conservatives are anxious-vigilant, and liberals are anxious-avoidant.
Anxious-vigilant means that if you spot some danger, you get your binoculars and climb a tree to see what the danger is. The more you know, the better. So anxious-vigilant people keep guard when they sense danger. 
Liberals start off by denying real dangers, and then get hysterical about imaginary ones, like global you-name-it, the scare story of the day. 
Freaking out about imaginary dangers eighty years from now is another way to make them feel safe, because they know it's not here and now.
So Obama can solemnly promise to start halting the "risin' seas," and they love it, because they are not that reality-based, they have made Obama their personal Savior -- I'm sorry, religious readers, but that's the truth -- and they are being soothed and reassured by his lofty bull droppings.
Meanwhile conservatives worry about the 3,000 innocent people killed by Wahhabi razor-knife murderers on 9/11/01, and the even worse fact that the United States knew who they were, we knew who sponsored and helped them, and our response was grossly inadequate. 
You can try to understand it because OPEC was at the top of its oil power, you can see the deep infiltration by Jihad in European and U.S. politics, and today you can be pretty sure that OPEC is dying. Trump immediately opened up U.S. oil production, and very soon we'll have more control over the price than they ever will have again. So maybe it made sense to evade their naked Japanese-style aggression on 9/11/01. But then you have to start facing the truth when the Jihad keeps killing innocent people. 
Now Obama isn't a standard liberal who is anxious-avoidant, and won't talk about the price of oil behind the scenes with John Podesta, the Russian-paid Darth Vader type. All of Obama's real actions take place behind the scenes, 'cause that's the kind of person he is. Liberal followers are anxious-avoidant, a lot of them, but liberal demagogues can be very, very dangerous, because their pathology is different. In Obama's case it's malignant narcissism with a huge dollop of sadistic sociopathy. If that doesn't mean anything, let's say that he's the Joker or Harley Quinn in the old Batman series.
All politicians lie to some degree, but only a few are gleeful about it. My take is that Obama has a sadistic sense of humor and likes to laugh at honkies getting screwed over. 
Most ordinary liberals seem to be anxious-avoidant, so they refused to hear a rational word of criticism about their love object. It's not that they can't think at all, but they refuse to think about their personal Savior-substitute, because their faith in a false prophet gets them through the day. 
Liberals fell in love with JFK, who was not a great president judging by his actual deeds, but he was a terrific love object. They still love JFK, and I know at least one liberal who still hates Richard Nixon with a very personal hatred. 
Come to think of it, I've never known liberals not to hate some Republican hate object. It seems as if they need both a love object to idealize and a hate object to degrade, to steady them on the perilous path through life. 
In psychiatry, this is called borderline personality disorder, and the biggest sign is "splitting" the world between absolute good and absolute evil. But it's okay, you don't have to have the disorder yourself, as long as your cult does it for you. So the media carry out the whole love and hate madness for liberal followers. Some very dubious characters are idealized, while normally good and intelligent people are trashed. 
Every so often they change the names -- people die, or they fade from the scene -- and then the media magically discovers another Savior-​substitute paired with another hate object. ​
Conservatives are hardly perfect, but being anxious and vigilant is very adaptive when you see a real danger to your life, or your country. 
Well, after scratching my head over this for a long time, I think this is pretty close. 
You're welcome to chime in.

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