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Monday, June 19, 2017


'Decades of demonizing conservatives has paid off'



How does a radical leftist rationalize shooting Republican congressmen?
Was Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, mentally ill as he made a hit list of conservative Freedom Caucus members and drove across the country intending to shoot and kill them?
It is dangerous to excuse James Hodgkinson as merely one crazy person who was disconnected from reality. If we are to stop future shootings, we must be honest about what this man believed and how he was radicalized.
We have made the mistake of trying to ignore the “Islam” part of radical Islam. We must not make the similar mistake of removing “leftist” from radical leftist shooter James Hodgkinson.
It seems there are now two ideologies that advocate the killing of opponents: Radical Islam and American leftism.
For decades, we have heard it repeated that Republicans want to deny health care to women, children and the elderly. Republicans have been characterized as racist, homophobic, sexist bigots who wish to turn the United States into an evil, white-Christian theocracy to subjugate or exterminate gays and all non-white Americans.
This tactic of dehumanization has been used for decades and is now coming to fruition in the form of violence against conservatives.
This didn’t start with Kathy Griffin depicting a beheaded President Trump, or with Snoop Dogg executing a clown President Trump in a music video or with Shakespeare in the Park murdering a Trump look-alike on stage. These are the culmination of decades of dehumanization of conservatives.
Leftists have been calling Republicans Hitler-like for years, and now they have identified Donald Trump as Hitler and the Republican Party as the Nazis.
James Hodgkinson isn’t some crazy guy who snapped and randomly shot at people on a baseball field. He believed he was an American patriot saving his country from the Nazis just as the greatest generation liberated Europe from that evil in World War II, because that is what the left told him.
Hodgkinson didn’t believe Republicans are dangerous and evil because he was disconnected from reality; he believed that because that is what he had been hearing from the mainstream media and the Democratic Party for years.
There are countless more James Hodgkinsons out there.
You see them attacking Trump supporters at rallies. You see them destroying college campuses when conservatives come to speak.
Are all of those people crazy, too?
No. They are mainstream leftists who believe what they have been told about conservatives. The Democratic Party has built a base of violent agitators who are doing what any sane person would do if they believed the second coming of Adolf Hitler had taken control of their country.
The blood of Steve Scalise and the others wounded at the GOP baseball practice is on the hands of the Democratic Party leadership and the mainstream media.
Decades of demonizing conservatives has paid off for Democrats. Anyone who associates with President Trump or conservative thought is a potential target of violence for the radical leftists.
In the same way the “peaceful” mosques aren’t organizing protests of ISIS killings in the streets to try to stop the violence, the silence of the left in D.C. and Hollywood on the heels of the terrorist act by this leftist is deafening.
The mainstream media and the Democratic Party hope that the threat of violence will intimidate and silence the right. So far, it has been unsuccessful. The sleeping giant has awakened, and it has essentially destroyed the Democratic Party over the past few election cycles.
With the latest string of violent outbursts from the left, Democrats can only hope the giant will be intimidated into silence and submission. But, I wouldn’t bet on it.

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