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Monday, June 26, 2017

The HYPOCRISY of Democrats’ ‘MEAN’ Attack on GOP Health Bill

No Republican-led fix will be more damaging to
American families and workers than Obamacare

Eddie Zipperer

When Senate Republicans unveiled their health care plan last week, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer held a gimmicky news conference. Standing next to a red poster board with the word “MEAN” written on it, Schumer blasted the Senate bill for being “meaner” than the House bill. Then, he drew a Sharpie from his pocket and wrote an “-er” on the poster board to make it read “MEANer.”

As usual, this was Schumer scraping all the facts and logic off his plate to make room for a double helping of whiny, foot-stomping hyperbole. If there were a book called “Debate Tactics for Fourth Graders,” it would be filled with Schumer-inspired examples. Disagree with a policy? Be like Chuck. Cry a few crocodile tears, whine about how “mean” it is, then do a 30-second poster board skit so corny it had Iowa and Nebraska feeling jealous.

Of course, it wasn’t a few seconds before a gaggle of Democratic lawmakers were parroting the talking point and describing the Senate bill with the most grade-school adjective possible: “mean.” None of them mentioned the fact that Obamacare is positively the biggest, cruelest bully on the playground — holding down the middle class and taking their lunch money.

If the Senate health care bill is “mean, ” then Obamacare is the blonde jerk from "Karate Kid." If the Senate health care bill is “mean,” then Obamacare is the drill sergeant from "Full Metal Jacket." If Democrats want to measure health care legislation by how “mean” it is, then let’s take a moment to consider what an inconsiderate sociopath Obamacare is:

1.) Lies, Lies, and More Lies (Obamacare’s origin story)

That’s how Obamacare got passed. Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber was so impressed with the con he pulled on the American people, that he went on a victory tour and bragged about how he and other Democrats used “the stupidity of the American voter” and the stupidity of the Congressional Budget Office to get it passed.

President Obama’s oft-repeated “If you like you like your health care plan, you can keep it” line was named Politifact’s lie of the year.

Obamacare isn’t a health care solution, and it never was. It is — and always has been — a conspiracy perpetrated by the Democrats against the American people to enact government takeover of health care.

2.) Premiums and Deductibles (Aren’t you tired of lugging around that heavy wallet?)

Bill Clinton was dead right when he said Obamacare is “the craziest thing in the world.” I guess he didn’t get the memo that the Democratic Party was abandoning the middle class. He thought he was still supposed to be fighting for “the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week.” The people who “wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.”

Those are the people who get crushed by Obamacare whose deductibles are so high they leave the average middle-classer wondering, “why do I even have insurance?” In cases of non-extreme illness, middle class families fork over what amounts to a house payment every month and receive no return on their huge investment because the deductible is too high to meet. It’s pretty “mean” to rob middle class people just above the subsidy line with skyrocketing premiums on policies they can’t even get any use out of because they’ll never meet the outrageously high deductible.

Democrats keep weeping that people are going to lose their insurance, but if Congress does nothing, over a million Americans, according to Bloomberg, are going to lose their plans in 2017 anyway due to providers parachuting out of the unprofitable marketplaces.

3.) Disincentives to Rise (All that success is going to ruin you!)

Democrats get people stuck on government cheese by creating disincentives for people to rise. In the 2016 election, voters making less than $50,000 chose Clinton over Trump by a massive 12 percent margin while voters making from $50,000 to $199,000 broke for Trump.

If you’re part of that low-income demographic that votes overwhelmingly for Democrats, the last thing they want is you clawing your way into the middle income demographic that votes Republican. Instead, they want to put their foot and your head and tell you, “it’s too hard.” “You can’t do it.” “Stay down there, and we’ll toss you some scraps.” That’s what the disincentives are for—the regulations that make people say, “I’ll lose everything if I get a job” or “Gee, I sure hope I don’t get a raise.”(click on page 2 for the rest of the story)

When every dollar of salary you earn costs you two dollars in government benefits what’s the incentive to ever work harder? Sitting in front of the TV all day instead of searching for a job suddenly makes good economic sense. Obamacare makes hard work and success fiscal liabilities. When your salary goes up, so does that gigantic healthcare premium. And — while premiums are skyrocketing — wages are remaining stagnant.

Meanwhile, if you’re determined to rise despite the disincentives, Obamacare is one step ahead of you. If you work more than 30 hours a week, you’re a full-time employee and the company you work for (if they employ more than 50 people) has to offer you affordable coverage. In the progressive anti-logic, la-la land of unicorns and rainbows, where “happy” and “sad” are economic indicators and victimhood is the standard currency, that means everyone with a full-time job will magically have affordable coverage offered by their employer. Unfortunately, in Realityville where the working class lives it means “so long, full-time job!” It means you get cut to 29 hours a week. It means three part-time jobs becomes the new normal.

And thanks to its heavy taxes on the rich, Obamacare manages to beat up on every single income group.

If the goal is to keep kids in their parents’ basement until they hit middle age, place a massive burden on the shoulders of working class Americans, and stifle the economy by overtaxing job creators, Obamacare is tops.

Otherwise, it’s the meanest, nastiest thing that Washington has coughed up this millennium. That's why working class Americans have voted in three major elections for the leaders who want to scrap it.


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