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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

‘CONFORM or ELSE’: Democrats BULLY Conservative Women, Minorities

On Monday, the Democrats were really excited about their new slogan, “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” Widely ridiculed for being idiotic, here’s a slogan they could have chosen, which is much more honest about the current liberal agenda:
“A Bully’s Deal: If You Ever Think For Yourself and Don’t Conform, We’ll Ruin Your Life.”
This slogan has been operational for a generation. It is shouted at conservative women, gays and other minorities because, you see, today’s Democrats cannot afford to have anyone in any of their protected classes get the idea that they can think for themselves. What would happen should women come to realize conservatives aren’t out to get them, but maybe, just maybe, actually have the plan to make their lives better?
The latest case in point: attempts to smear and degrade Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Mrs. Sanders, a perfectly lovely woman, was instantly berated by famously tolerant and feminist liberals as she was announced as the new White House press secretary.
Writing for the Daily Beast, a gay man calling himself “Ira Madison III,” tweeted a homophobic slur about Mrs. Sanders, “Butch queen first time in drags at the ball.” Lovely, no? This is supposed to be a clever way of insulting Mrs. Sanders by referring to her as a man in a dress. For gays, this is clearly homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic. And yet, this from the same crowd that loves to wear duct tape over their mouths with the motto “NOH8” scrawled on it. Got it.
Last night, after I appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” followed by White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci condemning the tweet, Madison apologized and deleted it.

 But this attack isn’t a new one from the gay left, or from liberals in general. Ann Coulter has also been referred to as a man in drag. When I was a gay activist in the 1990s, the misogyny in the gay community was palpable. It has clearly become malignant.

Attacking Mrs. Sanders isn’t just the purview of one jerk on the internet. NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” also chimed in. In one sketch, Aidy Bryant playing Mrs. Sanders declared, “My father is Mike Huckabee. My mother is a big Southern hamburger.” They also had her eating during the sketch.
An attempt at fat-shaming? Why not? With the hatred consuming the left why shouldn’t they stop the pretense that they’re decent people?
In May, the NBC comedy show also thought it would be funny to do a skit about Kellyanne Conway. Did they laud the fact that she is the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign? No. They decided it would be better to portray her as the Glenn Close character in “Fatal Attraction.” As the Daily Beast put it:
“McKinnon’s Conway tries to seduce Beck Bennett’s take on CNN’s Jake Tapper. She threatens to kill him with a knife until he agrees to let her back on TV. Moments later, she falls out of a window and appears to die, only to pull her body parts back together again. … Casting Conway as the Glenn Close character from ‘Fatal Attraction’ and depicting her death in such a way was considered sexist, unfair, and even a gift to the administration.”
While some may want to engage in some academic debate about comedy or the relevance of “Saturday Night Live,” the real fact of the matter is this: The gobsmacking hypocrisy of liberals and feminists who strut around still claiming to represent women, gays and minorities while being their worst enemy, has been exposed for all to see.
This isn’t about jokes gone wrong, or a mistake made that offended one group or another. This is a strategy meant to send a message to everyone who might dare to stray from liberal orthodoxy: If you do so, we will work to humiliate and destroy you.
Enough is enough. When you lie to your base, take them for granted and ruin their lives, there is an immediate impact on the desire of your voters to come back out and vote for you. Especially if you begin to threaten them by proxy.
A new study by Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster and researcher, found that 40 million fewer people will vote in 2018 than did so in 2016. The Hill reported:
“The study … found that among the 40 million Americans expected not to vote in 2018, nearly two-thirds are considered part of the ‘Rising American Electorate’ — a block consisting of millennials, unmarried women and people of color, who account for more than half of the country’s eligible voters.”
In other words, it’s the liberal base that will be staying home. Big league. Even some “moderate” Republicans have been expecting “moderate” Democrats to carry them through in 2018, but with a revelation like this, that’s not something they should count on.
What are liberals to do? You’ve got to keep those who are left in the program. Like a cult, anyone who dares to not pay allegiance to the liberal narrative will be attacked. Smearing high-profile conservative women, gays and people of color is meant to send a message to everyone else: conform or else. Doesn’t sound like a “Better Deal” at all, does it?

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