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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CRIME Underground? MTA Workers HATE Cops!

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Jefferson Seigel, Shayna Jacobs

Transportation workers defend subway clerk accused of ignoring cops inside station

The subway booth clerk busted for allegedly interfering with a police pursuit of a shoplifter at the 59th St.-Columbus Circle station had a gaggle of defenders in the courtroom Thursday who said he was just doing his job.

“This is an attack against all the station agents,” said Derick Echevarria, vice president of stations for the Transport Workers Union, said of the arrest of his colleague Darryl Goodwin, whom he has known since high school.

He suggested Goodwin didn’t see the cops who were yelling for him to open the gate because he was swamped with a long line of customers.

“We know the rules. We know we’re supposed to open the gate for the cops but we have to see them. What is he guilty of? Maybe not moving fast enough for them,” the union official added.

MTA clerk refuses to help cops in pursuit of shoplifter

Goodwin, 54, was arrested for the May 16 incident during which an NYPD lieutenant said he injured his thumb.

Goodwin’s case was called briefly in Manhattan Criminal Court and adjourned to Aug. 10.

Goodwin’s case was called briefly in Manhattan Criminal Court and adjourned to Aug. 10.

Cops, who were chasing a suspect they believed had stolen from a nearby CVS pharmacy, said Goodwin refused to open the gate to let them into the station.

But Goodwin’s lawyer, Paul London, said Thursday that his client was busy with a long line of subway riders in need of help when cops claim he brushed them off.

Cuomo announces $1 billion infusion of state funds to repair MTA

“He was working, he was helping another customer,” London said. “I believe that this lieutenant felt that my client intentionally disrespected him but it was nothing of the sort.”

He said the demand from the officers was “a little odd because law enforcement is provided with free Metrocards as well as keys to the access points.”

London said Goodwin, who was suspended by the MTA at the time of his arrest, was able to return to work on Thursday.

Goodwin is charged with assault, obstruction of governmental administration and resisting arrest.


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