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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Europe Must RESIST Third-World Migration

Rome was sacked and destroyed in the 5th century. Europe and the United States are looking at the same fate.

E. Jeffrey Ludwig

Bill Gates has recently commended Germany for allocating 0.7% of GDP for payments to fight poverty in less developed developing countries (LDDCs). With his infinite browser wisdom, he asserts that the developed world, especially Europe, must increase these contributions or face a flood of migration from the LDDCs that will overwhelm the continent. We all understand that by "overwhelm," he is referring to crime, housing, health care, education, and cultural viability of European identities. In short, the Europe we know will be crushed. Gates's vocabulary includes terms like "unfolding tragedy," "migratory pressure," and "development aid payments." He is fixated on drama ("tragedy"), demography, and the tired category of development that has become a cliché in use for the last 72 years since the end of WWII. These terms out of the business and administrative glossary fail to capture the depth and danger of the situation Gates is referring to.

Gates thinks the migration can be stopped by an even greater effort to rehab (read: buy off) the LDDCs under the decades-old rubric of development. Again, according to the guilt-ridden, weakened leftist mindset, it's so sad to see those sub-Saharans and Arabs living in great poverty and under-development that we need to throw more money at the problem, and thereby save ourselves. So Gates is not really changing his tune. He's not worried about obliterating European identities or economies. Rather, he is still singing the old liberal-left song. Throw money at vast social problems, and your peace and stability will be assured.

Building up the LDDC economies is not a new idea. This has been the clichéd response since the end of WWII when the U.N., the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank were founded. Going back to the 1960s, Walter Rostow, one of Harvard's eminent economists, projected his theory of the "take-off stage." With economic development support through the three above-named institutions, the poorest countries would be subsidized and finally move to the take-off stage, where they could generate sufficient surplus capital to manage and grow their own assets and begin to develop viable economic projects and infrastructure without "development funds" and without the currency undergirding of the IMF.

These take-off stages never materialized.

Nevertheless, the United Nations has intensified its commitment to saving the LDDCs from self-destruction. The latest round of this utopian vision is the formulation by the United Nations of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the developing world. For the purposes of this article, it is worth noting that their goal of the elimination or radical reduction of poverty acknowledges that despite the efforts of the United Nations for 72 years, there are 867 million people in the world living in poverty defined as income of less than $1.25 a day.

The implementation of programs in support of the U.N.'s SDGs involves providing the people in the least developed countries with welfare in every area of their lives. It is projected as a global welfare system that will make the welfare systems of the U.S. or even Europe look like child's play. Housing, food, health, employment, childbearing, childrearing, education, gender equality, etc. are areas for dedicated U.N. action. Multiple sectors of third-world economies will be upheld by a vast global welfare bureaucracy. Do you think we as taxpaying Americans (45% do not pay any tax) are burdened now? Wait and see what is moving to the front burner! Obviously, Bill Gates, former boy wonder, and now the richest man in the world, sees a speedup of the SDG implementation as essential for stemming the tide of migration. But instead of talking about an explosion of economic support and world governance beyond anything ever dreamed of on planet Earth, he hides the horrific reality behind abstractions like "increasing the percentage contributions of national GDP by developed countries."

He says nothing about confronting the "small matters" of governmental corruption, governmental waste, and tribal conflict in the LDDCs. Inter-tribal warfare is a norm in sub-Saharan Africa. We give money despite the fact that genocide and civil wars in many countries is the norm. Likewise in the Middle East. We see Muslim against Muslim as well as Muslim against infidels for 1,400 years. All they know is the fight for power.

Instead of increasing the amounts of "developmental assistance," there should be increased resistance to terrible third-world governance and to migration. This resistance must be multi-pronged. There must be pushback against the U.N.'s SDG Programs, there must be pushback against the corrupt World Bank and IMF, and there must be pushback against migration from Africa and the Middle East.

Europe is experiencing an invasion. Powerful segments of political leadership in North America are attempting to open the doors to invasion. What should be done? There should be a lessening of welfare payments to refugees and migrants to Europe, Canada, and the USA as a disincentive to leave the home countries, and as an incentive for refugees and migrants to leave these wealthy areas and go back to their native lands. Additionally, some boats will have to be turned away since the occupants do not have papers. Extreme vetting of refugees from war-torn sub-Saharan and Middle Eastern countries must be instituted.

A massive campaign of literature should be dropped on those countries with high migration telling them that there are no facilities for them in their goal countries, and they will be turned back. Matchbooks should be dropped by the millions (this matchbook technique has been used on other occasions, notably when they were searching worldwide for Ramzi Yousef, the bomber of the World Trade Center in the early 1990s) announcing that the immigration venues have been closed. Get this message to the people. The matchbooks could be in French, English, Arabic, and Swahili.

Let us learn from history. Migration of Germanic tribes was the undoing of the Roman Empire. The Romans could not stem the tide. Various strategies were undertaken, but they failed in the end. The Vandals, Franks, Saxons, Angles, Ostrogoths, and Visigoths just kept coming. Eventually, the migrants, called "barbarians" by the Romans, were brought into the military to help support the Roman defense against border crossing, but the Germanics who were in the Roman army coalesced and fought against that selfsame army...and won! Embracing a threat, even a supposed controlled embrace, leads to an undesirable endgame. Rome was sacked and destroyed in the 5th century.

We are facing a threat of this magnitude, whether Bill "The Genius" Gates realizes it or not. His genius in business may not translate into wisdom or a grasp of historical realities.


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